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A Chitungwiza woman has been arrested for brutally murdering her husband in a domestic violence that has left the Seke Unit l community still searching for answers.

Fortunate Nsoro, who is in her mid-30s, is alleged to have stabbed Petros Mutasa using three knives after suspecting him of cheating.

My Zimbabwe News is in possession of the lifeless man's photos who was lying in a pool of blood in the family's house. In a bid to respect the late Mutasa and his family, My Zimbabwe

In an ominous birthday speech yesterday, President Robert Mugabe said former Vice President Joice Mujuru (pictured) and her allies would rot in jail for allegedly pocketing funds donated by well-wishers for Zanu PF's disputed congress that was held in Harare in December last year.

Speaking during the 21st February Movement celebrations in the resort town of Victoria Falls, Mugabe also claimed that former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa had struggled to account for party


THE much-publicised marriage of South African gay couple Thoba Sithole and Cameroon Modisane is on the rocks.

It is reported that Modisane has marooned his husband Thoba for the second time less than a year after allegations that the former sired a sprog with a Soweto young woman.

According to one of the couple's friends, who asked to remain anonymous, Modisane has since moved out of their Buccleuch, Joburg, townhouse two weeks ago and was now squatting with friends in Pretoria.

Former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo says he is embarrassed for 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe for focusing on naked lies and pub talk instead of working to fix the country's comatose economy to alleviate the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans.

Reacting to Mugabe's rumbling birthday speech in Victoria Falls on Saturday where the nonagenarian got very personal against his Zanu PF political foes, especially ousted former Vice President Joice Mujuru, Gumbo Mugabe lying, says

A 26-YEAR-OLD Zimbabwean man from man recently appeared at the High Court facing a murder charge after he allegedly killed his 45-year old married girlfriend accusing her of demanding too much sex and infecting him with a sexually transmitted disease.

Isaac Kadumbo of Kapita village, Mukarakate ward, in Murewa, is alleged to have struck Brandina Bondera twice on both sides of her neck with an axe, killing her instantly after he was angered by her sexual demands. The pair had had a


Prophet Uebert Angel faces possible jail term, a life-threatening disease and a stream of accusations involving illicit relationships with various women.

Our reporter Phyllis Mbanje recounts the exploits of the youthful preacher who took Zimbabwe's gospel scene by storm.

Flamboyant and sharp tongued, Prophet Angel made his way into the public glare in 2011, championing the gospel of prosperity.

The tall and lanky prophet, who dressed with a flourish, quickly became one of the

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe's memory lapses and eyesight problems seem to be increasing with each passing day after he failed to read his prepared speech and resorted to rumbling off the cuff.

It was evident that the long-serving ruler could not read his prepared speech and said he was celebrating his "21st birthday" contrary to what was written.

The portion which Mugabe was reading read: "Once again I thank you for the support, blessings and gifts that you all bring as we come

A Zimbabwean man from Chihota communal lands reportedly died during a sex session with his wife on Wednesday.

54-year-old Bonisto Nhunge of Chigodora village in Chihota, a popular bricklayer, is believed to have had a misunderstanding with his wife, Patricia Kudzanai Mutambiranwa, 36, over infidelity on the fateful night.

The whole village was awash with speculation that Patricia pulled Bonisto's testicles immediately after having coitus with him leading to his untimely death.

A 22-year-old Bulawayo model- cum-manicurist, Catherine Kapakwa, will forever rue the day she took her mobile phone for repairs after a cellphone technician leaked her p*rnographic video clips and pictures.

Kapakwa had taken her cellphone for repairs but the technician managed to retrieve her personal material which he did not hesitate to make public. The model was early last month pictured as a B-Metro babe.

Kapakwa, popularly known as Cathy Dreamer, operates at a shop situated at

PRESIDENT Mugabe has expressed concern over the youths of Zimbabwe whom he chastised for being involved in immoral behaviour and rampant abuse of drugs and other intoxicating substances.

Speaking at his 91st birthday celebrations in Victoria Falls yesterday, Matabeleland North Province, President Mugabe said there was a need to have moral empowerment advocacy.

"Our party and Government shall continue to monitor and evaluate all our policies. However, the youth should take advocacy

PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday reiterated that former Vice-President Joice Mujuru approached traditional healers and performed wicked rituals in a bid to install herself in his stead.

At celebrations to mark the 29th anniversary of the 21st February Movement here, President Mugabe said at one point, Dr Mujuru roped in two Nigerian sangomas in her rabid pursuit of Zimbabwe's most powerful post. The President said it was imperative to seek God over superstition.

"We managed to know what


President Mugabe says ousted Joice Mujuru hired Nigerian n'angas to kill him. But he said God protected him.

Mugabe said Joice Mujuru allegedly wanted to kill him together with First Lady Grace Mugabe and Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa after hiring Nigerian sorcerers to do the job.

The version was different from the one he gave last year of the Mujuru faction using local witchdoctors and river beetles to try to kill him.

Mugabe said Mujuru and her allies wanted him dead


GOSPEL musician Mathias Mhere has faced the scariest part of his musical career that has seen him lose a brother and be a victim of his wife's alleged infidelity.

He had to face the pressure of burying his brother and handling his wife Susan Dzinamarira's case and at the same time the media that was awash with leaked chats of his wife's intimate discussions with a friend, Gift Mahlupeka.

The chats, according to Mhere, were leaked by a family member against his will as he was too


About 23 people were injured when bus owned by Masvingo Urban MP Daniel Shumba overturned at Mbalabala, on its way to Victoria Falls for president Robert Mugabe's birthday bash.

While the total number of deaths could not be immediately ascertained, it is reported that at least one person has been confirmed dead so far.

The accident occurred just before Mbalabala along Bulawayo-Masvingo road when the driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.

This is not the first

The Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and his brother Phillip yesterday made a fourth bid for freedom arguing that the State was infringing on their constitutional right to be tried within a reasonable time.

Edmund and Philip, who are accused of being the main characters behind the shadowy Facebook blog Baba Jukwa, are facing charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected Government and undermining the authority of the President.

The brothers, through their lawyer Mr

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