‘I met this mbinga in Gweru and he gave me a lift to Bulawayo. His mɑnh00d is bigger than my man’s’


Dear Aunty Lisa

Two years ago, I met a mbinga man in Gweru. He gave me a ride in his Range Rover to Bulawayo. He asked me if I had a man, and I told him yes. He said he wanted to be my other man and I started to laugh.

He told me he was very serious. He gave me his mobile number and I gave him mine. The next day, he called me and my man was with me. When I realised it was him, I did not know what to say, so I told him to call me back after some two hours.

My b0yfriǝnd asked me who was calling, and I told him it was a friend. He asked me if the friend didn’t have a name, and I told him it was one of my co-workers who was checking up on me. He took my iPhone and checked the number, but I did not know had written down the digits and that he had called the guy and told him not to call me back. But that did not stop him from calling me.

He called me every day, and one day, I decided to meet with him at Ximex mall. I wanted to get some money from him, so I told him that I was feeling pain in my chest. He gave me US$200 to go to the doctor, but I did not go. I took the money and bought my Louis Vuitton tracksuit. I told my b0yfriǝnd that it was my partner money I used, and he believed me.

I can get anything I want from of this rich guy. It took four months before we had lulɑ lulɑ (ƨǝx). He is a very good handsome man, but, aunty, I am getting afraid because he knows where my b0yfriǝnd works and my b0yfriǝnd will set him up. But I l0ve him and I don’t want to stop having lulɑ lulɑ with him. His manh00d is way bigger than my boyfriend’s. His wife works in the UK. She is a nurse. He told me he is as wild as his father. He has a helper and she knows me, so sometimes I go to the house and wait for him. His helper will not tell his wife that I have been there.

My b0yfriǝnd smokes a lot of mbanje and he can’t save money. I know you are going to say that I should stop seeing this rich mbinga man, but he is a great help to me.

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