The house that Ngwena built on the foundation of guns and tanks is falling apart: Dr Stop It


My Dear People.

The euphoric celebrations of the 2017 coup in which the telescopic foresighted Gushungo was kicked out of power have turned into mourning as Ngwena continues to demonstrate that his coup gangstas and democracy are like oil and water, they don’t mix.

The Criminal Law (Codification and Reform) Amendment Bill, popularly known as the Criminal Code, sailed through the National Assembly on Tuesday night with the new provisions seeking to criminalise citizens found guilty of “wilfully damaging the sovereignty and national interest of Zimbabwe”.

In other words, anyone who criticises the catastrophic leadership failure of Ngwena’s regime outside the country’s borders could even face the death penalty.

Munopenga!!! Gushungo had many critics but never in his 37 years of wisdom-imbued leadership would he have come up with a law that is not only draconian, but also desperately irrational.

This can only strengthen the belief that the oppressive Ian Smith regime was not nearly as bad as the current probity and democracy-deficient Lacoste leadership that is a byword of atrocious governance.

By the way, this is the same cabal that is seeking to criminalise the employment of Zimbabwean workers by other countries and has bizarrely criminalised strikes by health workers in a blatant violation of the constitution.

That this dispensation of darkness, poverty and confusion is focusing on the weaponisation of the law at a time the economic crisis is deepening characterised by a rapid loss in value of the Zimbabwe dollar and frequent power outages that have crippled production shows why the coup will always be a dark era in the history of this nation.

It is laughable that this is occurring at a time when Ngwena has pledged reforms to development partners and creditors to resolve the debt burden and end sanctions.

African Development Bank president Akinwumi Adesina and former Mozambican president Joachim Chissano who are spearheading the effort to extricate the country out of its predicament, might as well pack up and abandon the talks before their reputations are soiled by a regime to whom the words reforms and democracy are complete strangers.

The infighting in Zanu PF, in the aftermath of the circus that was the primary elections, shows that the house that Ngwena built on the foundation of guns and tanks is falling apart faster than you can say Lacoste kkkk.

The orders by the octogenarian leader to Zanu PF supporters to close ranks after divisive primary elections are falling on deaf ears.

That Zanu-PF supporters are planning to vote against ruling party candidates that were allegedly imposed during primary elections held in March illustrates how the party has disintegrated without Gushungo’s calm and wise direction.

At one meeting in Mashonaland East the utterances of one Thebe, sent to unite riled supporters, had the opposite effect of adding fuel to the fire.

”What I am saying is, I have been sent by the party; you can accept or reject that, I don’t care,” Thebe said.

One of the speakers at the meeting even had the audacity of saying that by rejecting the candidate foisted upon them, they were rejecting Ngwena.

Goodness me, from which hole does Ngwena dig up such characters?

Unsurprisingly the meeting ended prematurely.

The Lacoste gang are so used to threats and rigging that they now use it even on party members. Indeed, with such leaders who needs detractors?

The threat by Ngwena to ban the use of foreign currency in the country was comical as it was lame.

In an interview with a magazine, Ngwena threatened to remove the use of foreign currency and remain with just the local currency as the sole legal tender in order to promote the use of the local currency.

With more than 75% of transactions in the country being conducted in hard currency, Ngwena’s defiant tone is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

The Lacoste leader tried this in 2019 with the disastrous result of inflation skyrocketing to nearly 1000% before he sheepishly restored the multi-currency regime.

Ngwena wasted the opportunity to lay out a coherent plan to restore the economy choosing instead to spew hogwash that had few takers, if any.

Similarly, we had Finance Minister Mthuli acting like a bull in a china shop as he moved around shops in Bulawayo spitting venom about undisciplined retailers and tearing down notices of sales being strictly in hard currency.

One hopes he also passed through the shop of his colleague in government who is selling his goods using parallel market rates in the same city.

Instead of threatening retailers cowboy style, the bespectacled nutty professor should be burning the midnight oil coming up with comprehensive solutions which include putting an end to the tomfoolery of manipulating the exchange rate.

So Ngwena has finally announced August 23 as the election date after a false start in which he had promised to announce the date on Monday last week and like many other electoral promises he has made, failed to deliver on the day.

The announcement must have brought about the gnashing and grinding of teeth in the MDC-T camp led by the clueless opportunist Douglas Mwonzora who has tried in vain to have the polls postponed.

These elections will deservedly send them to the political dustbin, where they belong.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

— The Standard

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