Car carrying robbers involved in accident, bogus police officer arrested


The Harare High Court has denied bail to a suspected carjacker who allegedly posed as a police officer to rob a motorist of his vehicle.

Arnold Kawara claimed to be an innocent passenger who did not realise the car was stolen. However, Justice Esther Muremba dismissed his defense as “unbelievable.”

The prosecution argued that Kawara was strongly linked to the crime. They said witnesses were willing to testify that Kawara was part of a group that robbed the complainant of his vehicle on May 3, 2021.

After the robbery, Kawara was apprehended after the stolen car was involved in an accident while fleeing the car owner.

In her ruling, Justice Muremba said no real robber would stop to pick up a random passenger while being chased. She said granting bail would not be in the interest of justice given the serious nature of the crime and the danger carjackers pose to society.

The prosecution noted that if released, Kawara could continue victimizing the public using the same modus operandi of impersonating a police officer.

Kawara’s accomplices remain at large.

Justice Muremba’s decision to deny Kawara bail and keep him behind bars pending trial sends a strong message that those accused of dangerous crimes like carjacking will face the full weight of the law.

The case highlights the need for tougher penalties to act as a deterrent and keep repeat offenders off the streets for good.

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