Zimbabwean strongman’s lunch revealed: How 2kg sadza and 2kg meat give him the power to pull trains

Zimbabwe’s strongman Arnold Zikhali pulls a train wagon at the National Railways Station in Harare.

Arguably Zimbabwe’s strongest man provided a breathtaking spectacle yesterday after pulling a 56-tonne wagon for 100 metres at the National Railways of Zimbabwe in Harare.

He also ate a meal of 2kg sadza and 2kg meat showing the macho man in question, Arnold Zikhali (36), may have no competitor.

Zikhali, who is not a protagonist in a superhero movie, but a member of the Zimbabwe National Army proved his prowess by pulling a loaded train wagon weighing 56 tonnes for 100 metres using his shoulders.

After having previously pulled a combined weight of two 30 tonne trucks, Zikhali has once again proven that he still has what it takes to stand tall as the strongest man due to his ‘unique’ physical strength.

Mr Strongman as he is affectionately known by his legion of fans, left many stunned how a mortal man can command such superhuman strength.

“I have heard of the strongest men in Zimbabwe and America, but I surpass them. I am not a bodybuilder, since I am a member of the Zimbabwe National Army.

“I have been to the gym since 2010 and I am already fit. When training I use two commuter omnibuses, imposing pressure at the back of a reversing commuter, but basically, I gain my strength through eating fat,” he said.

“I don’t use any supplements and as you can perceive my leg is 300 horsepower.”

Even though Zikhali eats plenty of food, he usually does so an hour after he would have pulled anything.

“When I pull for 200 metres I take a break then eat after an hour, as I am speaking right now a pot full of sadza and a kilogramme of meat is waiting for me. Without fat I become agitated and will not be able to pull the wagons”

Incredible is the quantity of food this man consumes and he admits to eating too much.

“My diet is very unusual. I don’t just eat healthy but plenty too. For morning breakfast, before I came here, I consumed tea, one and a half loaves,15 boiled eggs, 15 fried and for extras bacon and milk. I usually eat two loaves of bread,” he said.

Mr Strongman said he needs 2kg sadza, 2kg meat, six half litres of lacto and a litre of juice including 2litres of water, 10 oranges, 5 apples and 15 bananas for his lunch.

— Herald

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