Zanu PF shaken as Tyson threatens to tear up Mnangagwa’s ‘harsh’ laws in first hours of presidency


Exiled presidential hopeful Saviour Kasukuwere has vowed to free all political prisoners on Day 1 if elected, slamming President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s ‘draconian laws’.

Kasukuwere, nicknamed Tyson, launched his election manifesto yesterday promising sweeping changes in a bid to woo voters for the August polls.

He slammed Zanu-PF’s Patriot Act allowing death penalties and citizenship revocation as “draconian”. Kasukuwere promised to scrap the Act saying: “Zimbabwe does not need such harsh laws.”

The controversial PVOs Amendment Bill, which critics say will curb civic freedoms, must be binned, he added.

Kasukuwere pledged: “Once elected I will drop all charges against political prisoners, stop the PVOs Bill and reform anti-graft bodies to fight corruption.”

He said Zimbabwe needs new leadership to resolve Gukurahundi and bridge the trust gap between citizens and government.

Analyst Romeo Chasara said: “The success of his campaign will depend on the practicality of implementing these ambitious proposals and gaining support from key stakeholders.”

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