Goromonzi Fiasco: Lovemore Madhuku left red-faced as less than 100 people attend his rally


Constitutional guru Lovemore Madhuku rocked up at Gijima Grounds ready to address the masses, but it was an epic fail after less than 100 souls showed up!

Madhuku arrived hyped up and raring to go, convinced supporters would flock to hear his speeches slamming Zanu PF and demanding a new Constitution.

But the dismal turnout left NCA bigwig Madhuku red faced and speechifying to an empty ground. He blustered on about Zanu PF’s “corruption and incompetence” and how the constitution grants too much power to Mnangagwa.

Locals said they had more important things to do than listen to another boring political rally. “We’ve heard it all before from these guys. They talk a good game but never achieve anything,” said one resident.

Madhuku backed NCA candidate Agnes Dube for the Goromonzi Town Council seat, urging voters to choose candidates who will bring prosperity.

But with a showing this feeble just weeks out from the elections, Madhuku and his party face an uphill struggle to convince voters they are worth backing on August 23.

So far NCA has failed to win any seats, and observers say they are unlikely to crack the dominance of Zanu PF and the CCC. But Madhuku remains defiant, promising a “people-powered” campaign focused on change.

How many voters will actually hear that change remains to be seen.

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