Election Showdown: President ED Mnangagwa’s bold declaration leaves opposition shaking

President ED Mnangagwa

August 23: President ED Mnangagwa says not losing sleep

In a fiery speech delivered to an enthusiastic crowd in Mutawatawa, Uzumba district, President Emmerson Mnangagwa declared his unwavering confidence in securing victory in the upcoming elections, scheduled for August 23. The 80-year-old leader, seeking a second term in office, expressed his assurance of triumph, stating that the opposition’s efforts would be in vain.

Addressing thousands of devoted party supporters, Mnangagwa exclaimed, “Even if the opposition votes with ears, legs, and fingers, there is nothing they can do. We will win the elections.” The president’s bold statement was met with cheers and applause from the crowd, fueling his conviction further.

Mnangagwa, who has been touring various provinces of Zimbabwe, regarded Mashonaland East as a stronghold for the ruling Zanu PF party. He commended the province’s attendance at the rally, claiming that their overwhelming support had boosted his confidence in an imminent victory. “Today, I realized that Mashonaland East is the best in terms of attendance. Masvingo province, the cup is gone. I have never seen such a crowd. I am very grateful to Mashonaland East,” he exclaimed.

The ruling party, Zanu PF, has spared no effort in mobilizing supporters from all corners of the country, including school children, to attend Mnangagwa’s star-studded rallies. The party’s second secretary and former Vice President, Kembo Mohadi, expressed his gratitude to the Mashonaland East supporters and called on them to convert their overwhelming attendance at the rally into votes. “Thank you, Mashonaland East, for coming in your numbers in support of this rally. I call upon you here to vote for the ruling party come August 23,” Mohadi urged.

Mnangagwa has set a target of five million votes to secure his victory, while his main rival, Nelson Chamisa of the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), aims for six million. The upcoming elections have been highly anticipated, with both candidates rallying their supporters and engaging in rigorous campaigns across the country.

In addition to his political message, Mnangagwa made a plea for peace in light of recent incidents of political violence. The president emphasized the need for unity and harmony, stating, “As the second republic, first and foremost, we require peace in the country. Let us work together as a nation and make Zimbabwe a jewel of Africa.”

As the election day draws closer, the nation waits with bated breath to see which candidate will emerge victorious and lead Zimbabwe into the future.

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