Mnangagwa’s Zanu PF shaken as Nelson Chamisa’s CCC unleashes sneaky tactic for elections

Cde Mthuli Ncube

CCC’s ‘Mango’ Strategy: Opposition members pose as Zanu PF supporters to outsmart intimidation

In a bid to outmaneuver suspected Zanu PF supporters and avoid intimidation tactics, aspiring candidates from the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in Bulawayo have devised a clever strategy known as the ‘Mango’ strategy. This unique approach involves CCC members pretending to be Zanu PF supporters in public while remaining staunch opposition loyalists at heart.

During a spirited campaign rally held in Nkulumane, Pashor Raphael Sibanda, the aspiring CCC candidate for Cowdray Park, urged party supporters to adopt this strategy fearlessly. Sibanda even went further, encouraging his supporters not to shy away from accepting freebies offered by Zanu PF.

“Let him (Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube) fix roads, build clinics, and even pay for your driving lessons,” Sibanda exclaimed passionately. “But do not be hoodwinked into voting for Zanu PF,” he warned, earning thunderous applause from the crowd.

Donaldson Mabutho, a seasoned politician seeking another term as the CCC candidate for Mpopoma-Pelandaba councilor, echoed Sibanda’s sentiments. He urged supporters to act as if they were one of them in areas where intimidation might occur, emphasizing the importance of safety while secretly voting for the CCC on August 23.

Meanwhile, just a stone’s throw away, a Zanu PF gathering was taking place, where renowned singer Sandra Ndebele was also campaigning for a council seat. Ndebele, known for her captivating voice and magnetic stage presence, took the opportunity to address the crowd.

“We came here because we want to prove that not everything has to be run from one city. It’s time to de-Hararize things,” Ndebele declared confidently, as her words resonated with the audience.

As the CCC’s ‘Mango’ strategy gains momentum, the political landscape in Bulawayo is set to witness a fascinating battle between the aspiring CCC candidates and their Zanu PF rivals. With supporters cleverly disguising their true allegiance, the upcoming elections are sure to keep everyone on their toes.

Will the CCC’s ‘Mango’ strategy provide the opposition with the edge they need to secure victory? Or will Zanu PF’s long-established dominance prevail? Only time will tell as Bulawayo eagerly awaits the outcome of the hotly contested elections on August 23.

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