From border jumper to shop owner: Oga’s 8-year illegal stay in Zimbabwe ends in arrest & deportation


A Nigerian man who had been residing illegally in Zimbabwe since 2015 was recently instructed to pay a fine before being deported back to Nigeria. Charles Okeke (48), who lacked any form of identification, revealed to Harare magistrate Ruth Moyo that he entered Zimbabwe through the Beitbridge border post and had been living in Budiriro with his wife, Sibongile Nyandu.

The court proceedings disclosed that on August 10, officers from the CID Counter Terrorism Unit received a tip-off regarding Okeke’s status as an illegal immigrant. Taking action based on the information received, the police approached him and requested to see his permit authorizing his stay in Zimbabwe. However, since Okeke failed to produce any valid documentation, he was subsequently arrested.

During the court hearing, Okeke pleaded guilty to the charge of residing in the country without a valid permit. As a result, he was ordered to pay a fine amounting to US$300 or face a 30-day jail term before being deported.

This case highlights the ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to address immigration violations and maintain proper documentation within the country. The authorities are determined to uphold immigration regulations and ensure the appropriate legal processes are followed for individuals residing in Zimbabwe.

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