One killed, three injured in horrific road accident


Tragic accident on Harare-Mutare highway claims one life and injures three

Yesterday, a devastating accident occurred on the Harare-Mutare highway, just after the Mabvuku turn-off, resulting in one fatality and three individuals sustaining injuries. The incident unfolded when the vehicle they were traveling in veered off the road, struck the kerb, and subsequently overturned multiple times. Meanwhile, four passengers in a Toyota Probox emerged unharmed.

Surviving passengers shared that the driver of the Toyota Probox swerved abruptly to avoid colliding with an unexpectedly encroaching bus that had entered their lane. Mr. Farai Manyati, who was seated in the front alongside the deceased individual and the driver, recalled the bus suddenly appearing in front of them. Attempting to evade it, their driver veered off the lane, ultimately colliding with the kerb and causing the vehicle to roll over repeatedly. Manyati’s recollection became hazy after the impact, but he vividly remembered fellow passengers sustaining injuries.

Another survivor, Mr. Courage Chisaya, occupied the car’s trunk area and could not witness the incident. However, he distinctly recalled the forceful impact as the vehicle flipped onto its roof.

Concerned residents and vendors operating near the Mabvuku turn-off are now urging authorities to install traffic lights at the intersection to mitigate the recurring accidents in the vicinity. Citing the area as a perilous black spot, they emphasized the urgent need for traffic lights to regulate the high traffic volume. The absence of traffic lights often results in drivers failing to yield to one another at the intersection, particularly when vehicles from Mabvuku grow impatient and make sudden turns in front of oncoming traffic, triggering accidents.

An anonymous resident stated, “We have witnessed numerous accidents in this area, with vehicles colliding, people being run over, and lives tragically lost. Installing traffic lights at the turn-off is our plea since this road experiences heavy congestion. Such measures would encourage drivers to slow down as they approach the intersection.” Echoing these concerns, a local vendor, Mr. Muhlavaviri Mutema, highlighted the frequent accidents along the road, emphasizing the pressing need for improved safety measures.

The community’s pleas for enhanced safety precautions at the Mabvuku turn-off serve as a reminder of the imperative to address and mitigate the risks posed by this accident-prone location.

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