SAD NEWS: Man discovers sh0cking truth after having ƨǝx with girlfriend’s sister, commits suicide


In a devastating incident that unfolded on Monday, a 24-year-old man named Trevor Chizanga has tragically ended his life at his lover’s rented house in Whitehouse. Trevor consumed rat poison and left behind a suicide note, in which he accused his l0ver’s sister, Shuvai Rutombo, of sǝducing him into a ƨǝxuɑl relɑtionship.

Trevor’s l0ver, Maria, was away on a trip when the unfortunate incident occurred. It seems that Trevor and Shuvai had given in to their desires and engaged in a ƨǝxuɑl relɑtionship, despite all three individuals sharing the same bed. The situation took a turn when Shuvai revealed to Trevor that Maria was spending her holiday with a mɑrried man.

According to a close source, Trevor was deeply in l0ve with Maria and had even purchased furniture for her house. He was devastated by the revelation of Maria’s infidǝlity and felt betrayed by Shuvai’s actions. Shuvai allegedly demanded money from Trevor, threatening to expose their ɑffɑir to her sister.

The source further revealed that Shuvai hoped to break Trevor and Maria apart by exposing their secret. However, Trevor could not bear the heartache and, in his suicide note, blamed Shuvai for his decision to end his life. He was emotionally distraught over Maria’s betrayal and the mismanagement of his finances.

Trevor’s father, Ophias Chizanga, confirmed the existence of the suicide note but directed inquiries to Maria and the police for further details. Maria, when approached for comment, expressed her l0ve for Trevor but was unable to shed light on the reasons behind his drastic actions.

Efforts to reach Shuvai for her side of the story were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

Trevor’s body was transported to Parirenyatwa Hospital for a post-mortem examination, while the police continue their investigation into the case.

This tragic event serves as a sombre reminder of the deep emotional struggles that individuals can experience within complex relɑtionships, ultimately leading to irreversible consequences.

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