Secret underwear stash scandal: Drama in shop as guard notices gogo walking in an unusual manner


Unusual Theft at Bulawayo Store Involves Grandmother and Granddaughter

In a bizarre incident at a shop in Bulawayo, a 61-year-old gogo and her granddaughter were caught stealing women’s undergarments.

According to store employees, the security guard on duty grew suspicious of the grandmother’s abnormal gait as she walked towards the exit.

When asked to open her plastic bag upon departure, multiple pairs of panties fell out that had been concealed between her legs. Shockingly, the accompanying young granddaughter was also found to have eight pairs of stolen underwear in her plastic bag.

Employees reported the duo had each taken around eight pairs for a total of sixteen stolen items. Their odd behaviour and prolonged browsing without purchase had already drawn attention from staff. However, the nature of the theft and involvement of a senior citizen and family member made it an especially strange case.

When questioned, the grandmother provided no clear reason for her actions. Concerned store representatives quickly brought the women to the local police station to report the matter. While details regarding their motivations are still unclear, the unorthodox method of theft in broad daylight was disconcerting to witnesses.

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