SAD NEWS: Grade 7 boy found hanging from avocado tree outside family house


A tragic incident has shaken the community of Marondera, Zimbabwe. A young boy from Tapfuma Primary School, just in seventh grade, took his own life last night.

His body was discovered this morning hanging from an avocado tree outside his family home. Neighbors and onlookers gathered in shock and disbelief. No one could understand what drove this child to such desperation.

One elder in the village, Gogo Vito, has known the family for years. She described the boy as disciplined and well-behaved, saying there was no indication of problems. The pain for his parents must be unbearable, she said, as they lost another child some time back.

“I first heard a woman crying at around 6am and I thought maybe there was a fight in the neighbourhood. When I listened carefully, I realised it was my neighbour’s voice. I rushed there only to be met with this sight. I am hurt and shocked.

“I have known this family for a long time and their son was a good person. He was a disciplined boy. We never heard of his fights with anyone.

“What is painful is that he was the only child, following the death of their other child some time back. They had all their hopes on this one, now he is also gone. I do not want to even imagine the pain his parents are going through at the moment,” said gogo Vito

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