Tragic Incident: Man bashes live-in girlfriend to death as her 7-month-old baby cries in horror


In a horrifying incident, a man from Bulawayo brutally attacked and killed his live-in girlfriend in the Cowdray Park suburb.

The assailant, identified as Dingani Sibanda, aged 31, fled the scene, leaving behind the lifeless body of the victim, Simelinkosi Sibanda, who was 27 years old at the time. Tragically, the woman’s seven-month-old baby was found crying next to the mother’s lifeless body.

Authorities apprehended Dingani a day after the gruesome murder. He was captured while waiting at a hitch-hiking spot near Mac’s Garage, intending to flee to South Africa. In a video shared on social media by Mr Ezra “Tshisa” Sibanda, Dingani’s father, Mr Phineas Sibanda, revealed that Dingani and Simelinkosi were cohabiting.

According to Mr Sibanda, on the night of the incident, he returned home from work and heard noise and screaming coming from the kitchen, which served as the couple’s bedroom. Dingani questioned Simelinkosi about why she was peering over the fence towards their neighbour’s house, suspecting her interest in the neighbour’s son. When Mr Sibanda knocked on the door, Dingani refused to open it.

Unable to gain entry, Mr Sibanda decided to report the matter to the police. Upon his return, he discovered the child crying and the door still locked. Mr Sibanda decided to enter through the bathroom window, which lacked burglar bars. Inside, he found Simelinkosi’s lifeless body lying in a pool of blood, while Dingani was nowhere to be found.

Mr Sibanda attempted to contact the police but faced challenges due to the late hour and inclement weather. He decided to wait until dawn before alerting a neighbour, who then informed the residents’ association and reported the incident to the police.

Expressing dissatisfaction with the police’s response, Mr Sibanda blamed them for their reluctance in attending to the matter promptly. He also revealed that his son had a history of violence towards the deceased, often exacerbated by drug and alcohol abuse. Mr Sibanda had personally witnessed previous incidents and attempted to intervene despite facing threats and aggression from his son.

Following the arrest, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, the national police spokesperson, confirmed the incident and revealed that Dingani Sibanda is facing a murder charge. He is expected to appear in court soon. The victim’s seven-month-old baby was left behind, adding to the tragedy of the situation.

As the news crew arrived at the family home, Mr Sibanda had already left to search for Simelinkosi’s relatives in Lupane.

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