Serious drama as man strips naked, kills and roasts cat at brother-in-laws house


A disturbing incident unfolded in Chikanga Acid last Thursday when a man from Chikanga stripped naked and brutally killed two kittens, accusing his brother-in-law of having an affair with his wife.

Fungai Maudzi, the perpetrator, called The Manica Post to witness the shocking scene at Mr Lloyd Mwashusha’s residence, inviting the news team to rush to the location.

Maudzi and Mr Mwashusha are brothers-in-law, with their wives being sisters. Maudzi accused Mr Mwashusha of infidelity and labelled him as a wizard. When The Manica Post arrived at the scene, Maudzi’s car was found parked at Mr. Mwashusha’s gate, with the lifeless kittens and Maudzi’s underwear lying outside.

According to witnesses, a naked Maudzi proceeded to roast one of the kittens, with the apparent intention of consuming it. However, the police arrived promptly and took him into custody at Chikanga Police Station.

Eyewitnesses reported that prior to his arrest, Maudzi went on a rampage, causing property damage while demanding to confront Mr Mwashusha. Mrs Regina Mwashusha, who was clearing the debris scattered across the yard, expressed her distress at witnessing Maudzi kill the kittens with his bare hands.

Mrs Mwashusha shared her account, stating, “Our cat recently had four kittens and I think he killed all four of them because we cannot locate them. However, only two carcases have been found.

“As he killed the kittens, he claimed that they were my son’s goblins that he is using to harm Maudzi so that he can freely sleep with his wife. with his wife.

“He killed the kittens in front of everyone who had gathered to witness this. He was going up and down in his birthday suit. He lit a fire and roasted one of the kittens. He was only stopped by the police,” said Mrs Mwashusha.

Terrified by the situation, Mrs Mwashusha and the others locked themselves inside the house, while Mr Mwashusha managed to escape and call the police, leaving Maudzi and his wife outside.

In an interview, Mr Mwashusha recounted the sequence of events, explaining that Maudzi’s erratic behavior began when he visited Mr Mwashusha’s wife, who sought refuge at their residence following a marital dispute.

“He acted like a possessed man when he came here. He had come to see his wife, but we later heard them quarrelling. I went to them and told them to take their quarrel outside our yard.

“He then went berserk. He charged towards me and I took to my heels. He jumped into his car and drove after me. I escaped after scaling over a neighbour’s precast wall as he was determined to run over me.

“I rushed to the police station and when we came back with the police, Maudzi was walking in the road stark naked while holding dead kittens,” Mr Mwashusa said.

Efforts to reach Maudzi for comment were unsuccessful, as his phone was switched off.

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