Mourning engulfs Njelele shrine community as revered overseer Khulu Thobela passes away at 91


The Njelele shrine community is immersed in grief following the loss of Solifa Ncube, affectionately known as Khulu Thobela, who passed away on Saturday. Aged 91, the esteemed overseer of the shrine, originally from Matopo, Dewe, succumbed to heart failure at his residence in Magwegwe. His departure leaves behind a profound legacy as a war veteran, as well as a loving family comprising children, grandchildren, and his wife.

Gogo MaNkomo, Khulu Thobela’s secretary, expressed the immense sorrow felt by everyone in the community. Her voice filled with grief as she shared, “We have suffered a great loss by losing Khulu.”

Khulu Thobela commanded great respect within the community, recognized for his unwavering dedication to the Njelele shrine and its timeless traditions. As the overseer, he played a pivotal role in guiding the community’s spiritual practices and safeguarding the shrine’s sanctity. Growing up in Matopo, Dewe, Khulu Thobela developed a profound reverence for his cultural heritage.

During his youth, he bravely joined the liberation struggle, fighting for Zimbabwe’s independence. Following the war, Khulu Thobela dedicated his life to the Njelele shrine, assuming the role of overseer and leading the community on their spiritual journey.

As the overseer, Khulu Thobela facilitated spiritual connections and upheld the shrine’s proper functioning, ensuring its significance remained intact.

Preparations for Khulu Thobela’s funeral are currently underway, and the community eagerly anticipates further updates.

Gogo MaNkomo shared, “Funeral arrangements are still underway, and we will update on any developments.”

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