Mambo Dhuterere speaks on impregnating church congregant reports: Listen, tobhaiza too bad…

Mambo Dhuterere with his wife

Gospel Music Star Mambo Dhuterere denies adultery allegations and offers reward for evidence

Gospel music sensation Mambo Dhuterere has vehemently denied rumors suggesting that he engaged in an adulterous relationship and impregnated a member of his church. Additionally, he refuted claims that his wife left him due to these allegations, leading to his current battle with depression, resulting in the cancellation of his bookings.

In response to these accusations, Dhuterere has offered a substantial US$20,000 car reward to anyone who can provide concrete evidence supporting the claims.

In a post on his Facebook page, Dhuterere dismissed the rumours as baseless, urging his followers not to believe such unfounded stories without any evidence. He challenged those making the accusations to produce tangible proof, such as videos of encounters or DNA test results, to support their claims. Dhuterere also mentioned an alleged fight at a car wash and the assertion that his wife is currently in Botswana as examples of the false information being circulated.

“Hatina zvatingakuitewo kana muchi believer nyaya dzisina kana evidence is tichiri pamwe kuno.. pa carwash pajekerere pogoita noise madam, girlfriend na mambo poshaya anotorawo video?” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

“ . . . anouya ne evidence ye fight pa carwash, yekuti madam is in Botswana now or takaparadzana, any lady ane mwana we public DNA or humbowo hwe affair with any of vakadzi vakupostwa avo ndomupa mota iri worth 20K…

“… listen, tobhaiza too bad , but kana musati mandibata musamanikidzire muchandibata henyu ende mukandibata ndobvuma.. nzwiraiwo tsitsi vana vevanhu vamunopinza munyaya idzi for views, ma love nema like, varikunzii so far kwavanogara vachinzi makaputsa imba yevanhu dziri nhema.”

The renowned gospel artist, who is a prominent member of the St John Apostolic Church of the Whole World in Botswana, maintained his innocence, stating that his hands are clean in the matter. He expressed his frustration with individuals who spread false information for personal gain, emphasizing the negative impact it has on his reputation and family.

Tinashe Mutarisi, a music promoter, acknowledged that everyone goes through difficult phases in life and encouraged Dhuterere to confront this challenge. He expressed his continued support for the artist, recognizing him as a voice of reason in the industry.

“We all go through those phases once in a while my brother.

“Wotoshinga semurume wotoita nharo sababa, unokunda chete hazvikoni.

“Kwawakabva ndookure you’re one of the few voices of reason left, tirikutotemba newe,” said Mutarisi.

Joe “Uncle Joe” Machingura, a music producer and social commentator, contributed to the ongoing debate by suggesting that Dhuterere’s alleged involvement with a “side piece” had led to his current state of depression. Machingura humorously remarked that normally, such relationships are considered to be painkillers, but in Dhuterere’s case, they seemed to have caused distress.

“I hear Mambo Dhuterere is in depression because of his side piece.

“I thought side pieces were painkillers.

“But maiti Dhuterere aidi pakadai.

“Josefa ega ndiye akatiza muedzo uyu.”

Despite the swirling controversy, Mambo Dhuterere remains resolute in his denial of the allegations, offering a substantial reward for any genuine evidence that can substantiate the claims.

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