Hidden treasures revealed: Kadoma’s surprise gold discovery spark commotion at sewer dump!


The Kadoma City Council is calling for a definitive decision regarding the gold ore deposits discovered near Chrome Park’s main sewer dump. The council is seeking an outcome that ensures the local community can benefit economically from this valuable resource.

In response to the invasion of artisanal miners on the land, the council sought protection from the police and the Environmental Management Agency. When H-Metro visited the site, armed police officers and plainclothes officials were present, effectively deterring any further activities.

Initially, the city fathers had planned to hold a special meeting on Tuesday to address the situation. However, the meeting was postponed as they required additional information before making any decisions.

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Ward 11 councillor, Michael Mabwe, echoed the sentiments of the community by emphasizing the importance of preventing a “resource curse.” He expressed the hope that residents of the area would be given the opportunity to extract the resources, create employment, and benefit economically from the gold deposits.

“We don’t anticipate the issue of resource curse, that those who reside in the area do not benefit from their own resource. We pray that those from the ward will be afforded the opportunity to extract the resources, create employment and benefit economically,” Mabwe told HMetro.

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The Kadoma City Council is keen to ensure that the local population reaps the rewards of this valuable resource. They are actively working towards finding a solution that will benefit the community and prevent any negative consequences associated with resource exploitation.

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