Dr Stop It speaks on abduction and murder of CCC member Tapfumaneyi Masaya, slams Ngwena’s govt


My Dear People

Apologists of the ruining party have gone into overdrive trying to portray HH as a despot and a puppet of the West.

They latch onto every incident that happens across the border to discredit the Zambian leader on state controlled mainstream media and on social media.

This past week the Horrid had a screaming headline that read: “Zambia closes democratic space”.

I chuckled, but soon realised that it wasn’t a joke. I thought I could suggest a better headline that would go: “Zambia follows in the footsteps of the second republic” kikikiki

Anyway we know where this is all coming from. They are still to recover from what Never Mumba did to them in August to tell it like it is after observing the sham elections on behalf of Sadc.

No matter how much the likes of Joji fulminate on X and throw shade at HH, they will never earn the legitimacy they so crave by demonising HH, who is clearly providing his country with better leadership compared to what we see here.


The callous and brutal murder of Citizens Coalition for Change party member Tapfumaneyi Masaya while campaigning in Mabvuku ahead of next months’ by-elections has exposed just how impunity and violence continue to thrive under the Ngwena-led dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion.

The dastardly act comes shortly after the abduction and torture of the former Mabvuku- Tafara member of parliament James Chidhakwa and MP Takudzwa Ngadziore by suspected state security agents.

These abductions and murder make a mockery of Scarfmore’s calls for peace particularly when those who commit these barbaric acts are never apprehended despite some of them being captured on camera.

These abductions and murder of CCC party members speak of a regime looking to use intimidation in a desperate attempt to turn the tide against it after having been repeatedly rejected by the electorate in almost all urban constituencies.

The ruining party is being rejected because of its dismal governance failures and downright incompetence.

One cannot forget the ominous remarks by Generari at a rally last year where he threatened to crush CCC like lice in the wake of these abductions and murders in broad daylight.

Despite his subsequent calls for peace, Generari has never retracted those threats.

As long as the abduction of opposition party members, civic society activists and even comedians persist, the Scarfmore regime can forget about re-engagement.

Still on the issue of re-engagement, the government spokesman and former nurse Nicky has yet again shown how he lives in his own world.

“The re-engagement agenda is on course.

Very soon these dividends will be harvested and there for all to see.

“ED is officially smooth and soft as wool,” Mangwana wrote on X (formerly called Twitter) in an exposé of the worrying levels of delusion by the government loudmouth.


The premature excitement had been prompted by the remarks of the British ambassador to Zimbabwe Pete Vowles not to engage in megaphone diplomacy.

Ngwena’s fantasy of successful re-engagement is laughable given that just recently the European Union withdrew its funding to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission after the fraudulent harmonized elections that were panned even by the regional body Sadc.

It is startling that Mangwana speaks of successful re-engagement when legislators in the United States are calling for even tougher measures on Ngwena’s regime on top of the sanctions it imposed in 2001.

Mangwana must have his head stuck in the sand to declare that re-engagement is bearing fruit when the debt restructuring process is under threat due to the failure by the Scarfmore regime to hold credible elections.

That this comes soon after his shocking fib that one Peter Murphy, who was sponsored to give credence to the sham election, was the former Australian prime minister demonstrates just how Nick is becoming a huge embarrassment for the coup cabal.

The country’s citizens are strongly advised to take whatever this bespectacled fellow says with a pinch of salt.

Ngwena’s pitiful attempt to try and justify the appointment of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander Valerio Sibanda to the Zanu PF politburo marks yet another stain on his leadership which has been riddled with schoolboy errors and atrocious lack of judgement.

He said that the appointment of the head of the army to the party politburo was above board as he does not hold any voting rights in the party.

It seems to have eluded the octogenarian leader that this is in violation of section 208 of the country’s Constitution that forbids members of the armed forces in actively participating in any party politics whether they have voting rights or not.

This is not the first time that Ngwena has been caught flat footed.

With egg on his face, Scarfmore has been forced to reverse ministerial appointments twice having gone above the limit of the number of ministers he can appoint who are not members of parliament.

Such amateurish aberrations by Scarfmore rightly brings about questions of the authenticity of his law degree.

Gushungo, whose wise leadership remains unparalleled, would have never made such comical errors. The shambolic leadership of Ngwena just shows how poorer Zimbabweans are without his guidance and telescopic foresight.

The statement of CCC senior official Tendai Biti made interesting reading.

While he denied that he was part of the Tshabangu circus orchestrated by the coup cabal, he did criticize the death of constitutionalism and structure within the Nero led party.

It is noteworthy that these observations are coming from such senior figures in the party.

Indeed it reeks of hypocrisy and double standards for the opposition party to criticise Scarfmore and co for violating the country’s constitution when it does not even have a constitution governing its own internal conduct.

Biti’s remarks in addition to the outrageous recalls by that self-imposed dimwit should be a wake-up call to Nero to put his house in order in as far as putting in place a constitution and structures in the opposition party is concerned.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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