Desperate bid for wealth turns tragic as madala’s juju claims lives of family members

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In a chilling tale of misguided ambition, an elderly man from Hwange, Matabeleland North province, saw his desperate quest for instant riches through supernatural means take a devastating turn.

Jekete Ncube, hailing from Kapame Village, fell victim to the allure of prosperity and acquired a muthi (traditional potion) that promised wealth. However, the muthi’s supposed powers had a horrifying effect, leading to the deaths of Ncube’s children and relatives.

Under the false pretence that the muthi, consisting of python skin within a gourd, possessed magical properties capable of changing his fortunes, Ncube made the ill-fated purchase. The outcome, however, was far from what he had envisioned. Instead of experiencing newfound wealth, Ncube remained mired in poverty, while tragedy befell his loved ones.

According to a confidential source, Ncube’s unwavering faith in the sangoma’s promises gradually waned as time passed without any improvement in his financial situation. Growing increasingly frustrated, he confronted the sangoma, seeking an explanation for the lack of results.

Unfazed by Ncube’s anger, the sangoma reportedly asserted that the python skin’s power required patience and unwavering belief. But as mysterious deaths continued to plague the family, Ncube’s relatives decided to take action. They invited Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the revered leader and founder of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church in Bulawayo, to perform a cleansing ceremony.

During the ceremony, Ncube made a haunting confession, revealing that years ago, driven by desperation for wealth and a better life, he had consulted a sangoma who had given him the python skin within a gourd, promising great riches. In a startling revelation, a thorough search of his bedroom uncovered a bag filled with coins and a drum overflowing with maize grains.

Ncube confessed to Archbishop Mutumwa that his get-rich-quick plan had backfired terribly, with the muthi tormenting him and claiming the lives of his children and other relatives. Desperate for deliverance, he pleaded to be rescued from the dark forces of the muthi, while issuing a stern warning to other family members against succumbing to the temptations of quick wealth through juju (traditional magic).

Archbishop Mutumwa, in a subsequent interview, confirmed the incident and used it as a cautionary tale, highlighting the perils of falling prey to get-rich-quick schemes. He emphasized the importance of hard work, patience, and prayer as the true pathways to success, debunking the notion of shortcuts to wealth.

The Archbishop also cautioned those contemplating the use of juju to carefully consider the risks involved. He stressed that the tragic consequences experienced by Ncube’s family were often a result of failure to adhere to all instructions provided by the practitioners of such practices.

This unfortunate tale serves as a stark reminder that the pursuit of instant riches can have dire consequences, and that true success is built on dedication, perseverance, and ethical means. May it stand as a sobering lesson for those tempted by the allure of supernatural shortcuts, urging them to consider the well-being and safety of themselves and their loved ones above all else.

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