2 notorious robbers sentenced to a staggering 95 years in prison each


Robbers Sentenced to 95 Years in Prison for Spree of Attacks and Robberies

In a significant ruling, two notorious robbers who terrorized secluded areas in Zimbabwe, targeting and robbing unsuspecting victims, have been sentenced to a staggering 95 years in prison. McDonald Mutarangani Hukuimwe, known as Wastaki, aged 32, and Trymore Nkomazana, aged 28, faced multiple charges including robbery, rɑpe, impersonation of police officers, and malicious damage to property.

The Harare regional magistrate, Mrs. Fadzai Mthombeni, convicted the robbers on nine counts of robbery, with each count carrying an eight-year sentence, resulting in a cumulative total of 72 years. Additionally, they received a 20-year jail term each for the rape of a 17-year-old victim. The perpetrators were also sentenced to one year for impersonating police officers and an additional two years for malicious damage to property.

The court heard that the criminals specifically targeted secluded locations such as hills, cemeteries, and railway lines, where they would attack and rob their victims. Shockingly, in some instances, they would also subject their victims to ƨǝxuɑl assault before making off with their belongings.

One of the incidents involved three minors, two boys, and a girl, all aged 17, from Warren Park. On March 22 of the previous year, the victims were walking from Warren Park D to Warren Park 1 using a footpath that passed through Warren Hills. Hukuimwe and Nkomazana approached them, pretending to be police detectives enforcing COVID-19 regulations. They “arrested” the victims and handcuffed the boys for not wearing face masks properly. The robbers then forced the victims to march towards Warren Park Police Station, during which the boys were forced to lie on the ground while the girl was taken to a secluded area. There, Hukuimwe and Nkomazana took turns rɑping her, without protection. Following the assault, they stole US$100 and a Huawei cellphone from the boys. The girl was left tied up at the scene while the boys were also restrained.

Hukuimwe was apprehended by the police on May 15 of the same year, and a police identity card under the name of Constable Kuyangepi was found in his possession. His arrest led to the capture of his accomplice, Nkomazana.

Another victim, a 20-year-old farmer named Shacky Kazuru, was attacked on May 4, 2022, while walking along a railway line near Green Trees in Aspindale, Harare. Kazuru encountered Hukuimwe, Nkomazana, and another unidentified accomplice referred to as Sly, who is still at large. During the incident, Kazuru sustained stab wounds to his armpit, left palm, and mouth after attempting to defend himself but being overpowered. The perpetrators stole his wallet containing his national identity card, a Huawei Y8 cellphone, and US$1,480. Additionally, the robbers assaulted Marlvin Mawire, another victim walking on the same railway line near Kazuru. Both victims reported the robberies to the ZRP Southerton Police Station, and a total of US$1,600 worth of belongings was stolen, with nothing recovered.

In a separate incident on May 15, the robbers attacked Godfrey Magawa, who was passing by Warren Hills Cemetery on his way home. Magawa was severely assaulted, and the perpetrators stole his cellphone and US$21 in cash. Fortunately, the cellphone was later recovered.

The conviction and lengthy sentencing of Hukuimwe and Nkomazana send a strong message regarding the severity of their crimes. The court’s decision reflects the commitment to ensuring public safety and holding criminals accountable for their actions. The judgment serves as a reminder that such acts of violence and robbery will not be tolerated within Zimbabwean society.

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