Drama in court as man regrets sending wife to school


Regretful ex-husband laments sending former wife to school as greediness alleged

In a courtroom confession that left many onlookers astonished, Brian Ngwana expressed deep remorse for his decision to send his ex-wife to school, accusing her of insatiable greed and ingratitude.

The revelation unfolded during a recent hearing at the Harare magistrate court, where Ngwana claimed he could no longer meet his ex-wife’s exorbitant financial demands.

The focal point of the dispute centred around Isabel, Ngwana’s former spouse, who was seeking a staggering sum of US$900 per month for the care and upbringing of their four minor children. In response, Ngwana offered a significantly lower amount of US$100, citing his previous assistance in enabling Isabel to attain an education and secure employment.

“I also acquired a housing stand and built a house that she and the children are living in,” Ngwana submitted to the court.

However, Isabel contradicted his assertions, claiming she was currently unemployed and that their financial circumstances had deteriorated since Ngwana’s involvement with another woman.

In light of the conflicting testimonies, Magistrate Ayanda Dlamini intervened and issued a ruling. Dlamini ordered Ngwana to pay US$300 for the ongoing maintenance and educational expenses of their children.

The case has sparked debate among legal experts and observers, highlighting the complex dynamics surrounding financial responsibilities in divorce proceedings. Ngwana’s regret over his investment in his ex-wife’s education and housing echoes a sentiment shared by some individuals who feel their contributions have not been duly acknowledged or reciprocated.

Divorce cases often unearth deeply rooted emotions and grievances, exposing the strains within a relationship that were previously concealed. The courtroom encounter between Ngwana and Isabel serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by families undergoing separation, particularly when financial obligations are at stake.

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