She develops mental illness each time she elopes with a man: ‘Father marries off daughter to goblin’

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A CHIGODORA man stands accused of marrying off his daughter to a goblin which is stopping her from having steady relationships with potential suitors.

Presenting her case before Headman Chigodora’s community court recently, Christina Chinzou of Gosho Village, said her life is a living hell as she

Christina said she had three unsuccessful marriages because of the mental illness. She accused her father, Aleck Chinzou for masterminding her suffering.

Christina claimed that each time she starts enjoying her marriage, or love affair, she becomes mentally challenged. She turns violent, resulting in the breaking of the relationship.

She also said each time she returns to parents’ homestead, the mental illness abruptly ends.

“We have consulted spiritual healers, and all of them have fingered my father as the culprit causing my suffering. We were told that my father married me off to a goblin, and I will never marry until I am freed from this goblin marriage.

“This is not the only challenge that has plagued our family. My brother was recently burnt to death in his shop. This mysteriously happened, and spiritual healers also accused my father of causing the fire. My brother mysterious died after he had summoned all his siblings to meet and discuss the misfortunes befalling our family. We were yet to meet when we received the shocking news about his death,” she said.

However, a charged Aleck said his daughter fakes mental illness. He said he believed Christina’s relationships were not lasting because of her stubbornness.

“I know my daughter very well. She is very stubborn, and does not listen to anyone. She assaults her boyfriends, yet a married woman is expected to be submissive to her husband and respectful. She is also supposed to respect her father, but that is not the case with my daughter.

“I have received reports that she is very violent towards her suitors and honestly, no man would want such a woman as a wife. I have tried to talk to her each time she is brought back home, but she never listens to me. She insults me. I have 15 children and if indeed I had goblins, would I not have married all of my girls to them?” said Aleck.

He also said he suspected that his daughter was being used by one of her brothers, Bylord, whom he does not see eye-to-eye over his late son’s estate.

“I know that Bylord is behind all these shenanigans. He is the one who is sending his sister to stage manage everything just because he hates me. When his brother died in the inferno, Bylord sold his cars, yet we had agreed that he should oversee the welfare of his brother’s wife and children. I asked him to stop what he was doing and we became sworn enemies after this,” said Aleck.

However, Bylord claimed that it was his father who had caused the rift between them as he wanted to grab his late son’s estate.

“Before my brother’s death, he told us that his wife and children should benefit from his estate. However, my father wanted the estate because my late brother had four cars and shops.

“In my sister’s case, our father is refusing to consult spiritual healers. What then should we think as children if he behaves in that way? Obviously, we will accuse him of being the cause of all these mishaps.

“It is sad that each time she finds love, she becomes mentally challenged. She ends up being sent packing,” he said.

Headman Chigodora ordered the family to consult three traditional healers over the matter. The matter was adjourned to tomorrow. Manica Post.

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