Police crack down on criminals and traffic violators: Nationwide festive season blitz begins


AS the festive mood grips the nation police officers have been deployed to conduct a traffic blitz, stop and searches as well as motorised, cycle and foot patrols countrywide to curb criminal activities and traffic accidents.

All Police commanders in all provinces have since been ordered to ensure that all defective or unroadworthy vehicles are impounded for the safety of travellers while pirate taxis are not allowed to pass through police checkpoints.

In a statement, Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga said, as the 2023 festive season is upon the country there is need to maintain law and order.

“As Zimbabweans and visitors embark on various socio-economic activities to celebrate the Unity Day, Christmas and New Year holidays, obviously, the Zimbabwe Republic Police will witness an increase in the flow of traffic on the country’s roads. Road traffic accidents and violations of road rules and regulations take centre stage during this period.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police will therefore deploy police officers to conduct roadblocks, traffic blitz, stop and search or motorised, cycle and foot patrols throughout the country to curb crime, road traffic accidents and maintain law and order as the public make merry in the spirit of Unity Day, Christmas and Year.”

The police chief urged motorists to co-operate with police officers on deployment to take action on errant drivers and other law breaches.

“I have directed all Officers Commanding Police Provinces to ensure that all defective or unroadworthy vehicles are impounded for the safety of travellers. In this vein, no pirate taxis will be allowed to pass through Police checkpoints. Transporters are implored to play their part in terms of road safety and ensure that their vehicles are certified fit to carry passengers from one place to another.

“Drivers of both public and private vehicles should not speed, overload or mix goods with passengers, among other road traffic offences. As the rain season has just started, I plead with the motoring public to exercise caution as some roads are slippery. Motorists should not attempt to cross flooded rivers and bridges to curb drowning incidents,” he said.

Commissioner-General Matanga cautioned Public Service Vehicle Operators, both local and cross border to minimise night travelling as most fatal road traffic accidents are being recorded at night due to vision and observation challenges.

“For those going on holiday in all parts of the country, let us be alert and safety conscious to curb cases of robbery, murder and other crimes. I therefore, I implore families, business people and institutions to avoid carrying or keeping large sums of money at home or offices to curb robbery cases.

“The safety and security of children should also be prioritised during this period. As the nation steps up the fight against drug and substance abuse in the country, may I urge the public to continue giving my office information on drug barons and suppliers for the law to take its course,” he said.

Parents and guardians, he said, should also be on the forefront of safeguarding the youths and adults from the scourge of drug and substance abuse.

“The police will also take decisive action against anyone operating unlicensed liquor outlets or shebeens during this period.

“Owners of liquor outlets are enjoined to conduct their business within the parameters of their respective licences. My office will also take action on reports of corruption on the country’s roads and other traffic enforcement points by both drivers and police officers.

“The public should report any incident of corruption through the National Complaints Desk numbers (0242) 703631 or WhatsApp number 0712 800 197 or any nearest police station and take down the particulars of the officer receiving the report. May I reiterate that there is no room for bad apples in the Zimbabwe Republic Police as we enforce the law without fear or favour. The public should also engage in lawful business activities and effectively contribute towards the maintenance of law and order during this holiday,” said Comm-General Matanga.

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