Freeman breaks silence after his photo with slain armed robber Godknows Machingura went viral


MUSIC star Freeman says he is not an ARMED ROBBER or involved in any criminal activity.

He says his involvement with slain Godknows Machingura, who was a music promoter in South Africa, was purely on showbiz business.

Freeman’s camp said, just like other local artist, they have performed in South Africa courtesy of the late Machingura. The musician said he first knew Machingura in 2017 when he promoted his first show in Durban, South Africa.

Freeman, through his lawyer Dumisani Mthombeni, said he only posted Machingura on his social media platforms as an appreciation after he sponsored one his music videos ‘Unobvuma Here,’ which features Nox.

Machingura, who was based in Durban, promoted a number of musicians from Zimbabwe and had been posting photos with them on his social media platforms.

Machingura, 44, was one of the robbers six shot by the Zimbabwe Republic Police this week.

“Godknows was said to be in Shamva where he was monitoring the movement of their target,” part of the police report read. The majority of Freeman’s fans have rallied behind the artist.

Below are some of their comments:

Not necessarily, these guys most of them involved in shady deals double up as music promoters so it’s just business worse mukatarisa ndirori team rinodaidza ana Freeman pa Mzansi but it’s show business chete – ALWYN TINASHE TULUKA.

Freeman is a musician, he has fans in various jobs he can’t vet all his fans – ALEX SHON’S SHONIWA.

One thing you are yet to learn is crime and entertainment are married like husband and wife. Every criminal uses entertainment as it is an untraceable way of cleaning up funds all over the world and many Nigerians have been doing it. If you sellout a venue “if you do” you alone are in control of the numbers and packages of payment therefore crime money is cleaned through this and you can claim it as show revenue which is what then brings these criminals close to artists but artist will never know because as long as they have been handed their cheque and they do their job that’s it – KING SHUMBA.

Freeman is a musician and when approached for an opportunity to make money by a promoter he won’t say No. Listen to trophy the song… “Go get the money go get the trophy, eyes on the prize – READER.

Freeman is an musician not a robbery team – READER.

The armed robber was also a music promoter & Freeman is into music. What you are insinuating is very wrong – CAUSEMORE.

Freeman is an artist…professional artist link with all the bosses around the world. He is not a robber – LYFE CHIWA.

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