2 men in hot soup after being caught removing a clamped wheel from their car in CBD


Men arrested and fined for removing clamped wheel in violation of city by-laws

In a noteworthy incident on Wednesday, two individuals were apprehended and handed hefty fines after they were caught removing a clamped wheel from their vehicle parked between 10th and 11th Avenue along Fife Street. The act constituted a violation of the City Council’s by-laws regarding traffic and parking regulations.

The motor vehicle had been parked in a designated taxi parking bay in front of a fast-food outlet when enforcers from the City’s traffic management company, Tendy Three Investments (TTI), clamped it for breaching traffic parking laws.

Upon clamping, witnesses observed the two individuals removing the clamped wheel and swiftly replacing it with a spare wheel before driving away, leaving the clamped wheel behind. The incident prompted the intervention of the police, resulting in the immediate arrest of the individuals involved, as confirmed by TTI General Manager, Mr. Bongani Nyathi.

Mr. Nyathi emphasized that the act committed by the individuals was a clear violation of the City Council’s by-laws, specifically outlined in Statutory Instrument 220 of 2023 (Chapter 29:15). Section 7 (1) of the by-laws (Offences) stipulates the following:

“Any person who- (a) unlawfully attempts to obstruct, obstructs, or causes to be obstructed, any person in the exercise of his or her duties under these by-laws; or (b) unlawfully attempts to remove, removes or causes to be removed a wheel clamp; or (c) unlawfully attempts to remove, removes or causes to be removed a motor vehicle from a secure compound; shall be guilty of an offence and liable to a fine not exceeding level 3 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year or to both such fine and imprisonment. For parking at a taxi parking bay.”

The offenders were fined accordingly for their actions. The motorist who had parked in the designated taxi bay received a fine of US$40, while an additional fine of US$550 was imposed for tampering with the clamp.

“This is so rampant (tampering with the clamp) and motorists must know that there are serious consequences for doing so,” Mr. Nyathi stated.

The City’s by-laws empower authorized personnel to either issue fines to offenders in accordance with the law or initiate legal proceedings through the court system.

This incident serves as a reminder to motorists that compliance with parking regulations is crucial, and attempts to tamper with clamps or evade penalties will not go unpunished. The City Council and relevant enforcement agencies remain committed to upholding the by-laws and ensuring public order and safety on the roads.

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