2 men drug 15-year-old girl and take turns to rɑpe her on Christmas Day


Horrific Allegations: Two men accused of drugging and rɑping 15-year-old girl on Christmas Day

In a deeply disturbing incident, two men from Mutoko stand accused of drugging a 15-year-old girl before subjecting her to a horrifying ordeal of rɑpe. The shocking case came to light during proceedings at the Mutoko magistrates courts last week, leaving the community shaken and demanding justice for the victim.

The accused individuals, Anesu Sebastian Jacob (31) and Panashe Chinyei (22), appeared before Magistrate Terrence Mashaire, who refrained from requesting a plea at this stage.

Magistrate Mashaire ordered that the duo be remanded in custody until January 11, advising them to seek bail from the High Court.

According to the prosecutors’ account, the alleged crime unfolded when the accused men encountered the minor at Nyamuzuwe business center. Seizing upon a moment of vulnerability, they offered her a drink cunningly laced with a potent intoxicant.

As the drug took effect, the young girl began to feel dizzy and eventually lost consciousness while inside Jacob’s vehicle. Exploiting her incapacitated state, the two men took turns in perpetrating acts of rɑpe against her.

Upon returning home, the victim’s aunt noticed bloodstains on the girl’s clothes, prompting her to inquire about the distressing evidence. It was then that the horrifying truth came to light as the victim bravely disclosed the details of the ƨǝxuɑl assault she had endured.

Without delay, a police report was filed, leading to the prompt arrest of Jacob and Chinyei as authorities swiftly intervened to bring the alleged perpetrators to justice.

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