Major Drug Bust: Man in hot soup after being found with 108 mbanje plants in his field

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In a recent development, local authorities apprehended Tawanda Mlambo (28) on charges of illegally cultivating a substantial number of marijuana plants. The arrest took place on December 30, 2023, at Rujeko Village in Chikukwa, marking a significant step towards curbing drug-related activities in the area.

Acting upon received information, the Chimanimani police swiftly responded and took Mlambo into custody. The accused was found to be cultivating a staggering total of 108 marijuana plants, each measuring approximately 90 centimeters in height.

The police, committed to upholding the law and maintaining public safety, conducted the operation with utmost diligence. Their prompt response to the tip-off led to the successful arrest of Mlambo, effectively disrupting the illicit cultivation of marijuana in the region.

“On 30/12/23, Police in Chimanimani acted on received information and arrested Tawanda Mlambo (28) for unlawful cultivation of 108 plants of dagga with a height of about 90 centimetres at Rujeko Village, Chikukwa,” reads the statement.

The unlawful cultivation of marijuana poses numerous risks to society, including potential health hazards and the perpetuation of criminal activities. By apprehending individuals involved in such activities, law enforcement authorities aim to curb the supply and distribution of illegal substances, ensuring the safety and well-being of the community.

Mlambo’s arrest sends a clear message that illegal drug cultivation will not be tolerated in Chimanimani. The police are dedicated to investigating such cases thoroughly, gathering evidence, and ensuring that those responsible face the full force of the law.

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