Prominent church leader collapses after being fined 10 cattle for tampering with a dead body


Church leader fined nine cattle for attempting to revive dead body

In a startling incident, Apostle Nhapata, a church leader from Trinity International Fellowship Ministry, has been fined nine cattle by Chief Seke after being found guilty of tampering with a dead body. The incident occurred when Apostle Nhapata allegedly sneaked into a mortuary with the intention of resurrecting the deceased individual.

According to reports, Apostle Nhapata collapsed upon receiving the sanction from Chief Seke. She admitted to tampering with the body of Gift Takudzwa Shiriyapenga, stating that her intention was to pray over it and bring the deceased person back to life.

The late Gift’s mother, Agnes Bhiza, took the matter to Chief Seke, arguing that Apostle Nhapata had no right to interfere with her son’s body without their consent. Bhiza lodged a report against the church leader, citing her unorthodox conduct and unauthorized handling of a body to which she had no familial or church-related connection.

As a result, Chief Seke imposed a fine of nine cattle on Apostle Nhapata, mandating her to pay the penalty by the end of the month. The incident has sparked significant controversy and raised questions about the boundaries of religious practices and the ethical treatment of the deceased.

“We lodged a report against Apostle Nhapata’s untraditional conduct of tampering with the body of a person she is not related to and who was not even their church member,” said Bhiza.

“She was fined nine cattle by the chief and she should pay by the end of this month.”

Apostle Nhapata claimed to have previously raised ten individuals from the dead, further adding to the intrigue surrounding the case.

She confirmed to H-Metro appearing before Chief Seke and said she was short for words.

“I am no longer able to say anything, good or bad, waiting to see what God wants me to do.

“I appeared before the traditional chief and my hands are still tied since the same case is pending before a criminal court,” she said.

As the community awaits further developments, the incident continues to generate discussions surrounding religious practices, personal boundaries, and the consequences of attempting to defy the boundaries of life and death.

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