New threat of mass recalls plunges CCC into fresh turmoil

Self-imposed CCC Secretary-General Sengezo Tshabangu

Tensions rising within Zimbabwe’s main opposition party

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Zimbabwe’s largest opposition party, appears to be facing increasing internal divisions that could destabilize its future efforts. Interim secretary-general Sengezo Tshabangu warned this week of the possibility of more recalls of party officials, signaling growing troubles within the ranks.

Tshabangu made the comments while campaigning for Moreblessing Tembo, the CCC candidate in the Pelandaba-Tshabalala constituency. He said Bulawayo will set an example for how politics should be done in this country. “If they think by removing me they have removed the idea of mending things then they are joking. This country needs great leaders. It needs people who are clear on ideology.”

Tshabangu hinted that more dismissals could be coming, saying “This year Masvingo will admit, Harare will also admit, all because of Bulawayo.” He pledged to “revamp the party, put it on track with proper structures” and adopt a constitution to allow for more collective decision-making.

The comments point to simmering tensions within the CCC as it works to transition from its origins as the MDC Alliance. Tshabangu sparked controversy last year with a wave of recalls that removed many opposition politicians from parliament and local councils.

His spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni accused CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Siziba of deception related to candidate filings.

“He approached the interim secretary-general seeking his signature and pretended to be aware that he needed it before filing. Now I hear from the grapevine that he then went to Harare to seek another one which he used to file. He tried to trick us so that we relax. In any case, there is only one candidate for CCC in that constituency and it’s Moreblessing Tembo,” he said.

But Siziba denied any wrongdoing, saying he was properly endorsed by party senator Sthabile Mlilo.

The disagreements underscore the challenges of merging disparate factions into a cohesive opposition force. As Zimbabwe faces growing economic troubles, the future of challenges to ZANU-PF rule may depend on the CCC’s ability to manage internal power struggles and present a unified front. How the current disputes play out could significantly impact the political landscape.

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