Game over for bus driver who was captured dangerously overtaking truck carrying highly flammable gas


Mzansi Express Bus driver suspended following dangerous overtaking incident

In the wake of a widely circulated video capturing a Mzansi Express bus dangerously overtaking a haulage truck carrying highly flammable gas, the driver has been suspended pending internal investigations. Transport and Infrastructural Development Minister Felix Mhona has directed that the driver be prosecuted, citing violations of traffic laws.

Minister Mhona emphasized that the video clearly depicted traffic law violations, including actions that breach Sections 51, 52, and 53 of the Road Traffic Act (Chapter 13:11). These sections prohibit driving without due care and attention, negligent or dangerous driving, and reckless driving.

Expressing regret over the incident, Mzansi Express management issued a statement yesterday, extending apologies to all those affected, including their valued clients. The company asserted that it does not permit or condone such actions by its drivers under any circumstance.

The mission of Mzansi Express, a transportation company operating within the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) region, is to ensure the safe transportation of clients and their goods. The company confirmed that the responsible driver has been suspended while a thorough investigation takes place to determine the exact details of the incident. Mzansi Express is fully cooperating with the authorities regarding the matter.

The statement further emphasized the company’s commitment to providing reliable transportation services. With almost 20 years of experience in passenger and goods transportation, Mzansi Express aims to maintain the trust and confidence of its clients. They assured clients that every effort will be made to ensure safe and comfortable transportation in the future.

This incident occurs against the backdrop of a high number of road traffic accidents during the holiday period last year, resulting in 97 fatalities and 424 injuries. Minister Mhona reiterated the government’s strong stance against lawlessness and recklessness on the country’s highways. He emphasized the importance of reducing road accidents and highlighted the mandatory installation of speed limiting and monitoring devices in public service vehicles (PSVs) as a significant step toward regulating speeding and ensuring commuter safety.

Minister Mhona called for heightened enforcement of road traffic laws, urging law enforcement agencies to be vigilant in enforcing regulations and preventing non-compliant drivers and vehicles from operating on the roads. The safety and security of all road users remain a top priority, and the government is committed to taking necessary measures to achieve a significant reduction in road accidents as outlined in the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

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