Marital Turmoil: Woman battles to save marriage as husband plots to take maid as second wife


Marital Strife Erupts: Woman seeks court protection amid allegations of husband’s affair with maid

In a distressing turn of events, Media Kapfudza, a 42-year-old woman from Harare, has approached the civil court seeking protection for her marriage, claiming that her husband, Joseph, has engaged in an extramarital affair with their 17-year-old maid.

Appearing before Harare magistrate Tamara Chibindi, Media revealed her anguish, stating that Joseph intended to take the maid as his second wife. The couple, who have been married for 27 years, already have five daughters and Joseph reportedly desired a son.

Media accused her husband of both infidelity and ƨǝxuɑl abuse, alleging that he forced her to attempt to conceive at the age of 42, risking potential health complications. She further claimed that Joseph kept a firearm in their home and frequently chased her away from their shared bedroom.

Joseph vehemently denied the allegations, labelling his wife as a “great liar.” He placed the blame for their marital problems on Media, accusing her of infidelity and disrespect ever since she obtained her college degree. According to Joseph, his wife had engaged in a six-month affair before he discovered her betrayal. He also refuted the accusations of threatening her with a firearm or forcing her out of their bedroom.

During the court proceedings, Magistrate Chibindi carefully considered the testimonies of both parties. Ultimately, she granted Media a protection order, instructing Joseph to cease insulting, harassing, or threatening his wife.

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