SO SAD: Man suffers permanent erecti0n after having lula lula with married woman

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Man’s Nightmare: Two-day affair leaves him with unrelenting erection, seeking treatment in desperation

Robert Sithole, a resident of Chipinge, is grappling with a persistent and agonizing condition after engaging in a two-day affair with a married woman. Since December 7 of last year, Sithole has been plagued with an unending erection that defies all attempts at remedy.

The affliction, known as priapism, is a disorder characterized by a prolonged erection without appropriate stimulation. Common causes include certain medications, genital or pelvic injuries, alcohol and drug abuse, among others.

In an interview with Manica Post, Sithole expressed deep regret over his encounter with Precious Dhliwayo, the woman with whom he was involved. He believes he is paying the consequences for his actions.

Sithole recounted meeting Dhliwayo along the Chipinge-Mutare Highway and being instantly smitten by her beauty. They exchanged numbers and soon became intimate. However, their encounter took a painful turn when a c0nd0m burst during their second encounter, leaving Sithole in excruciating agony. Despite returning home, the erection persisted.

“I met this woman along the Chipinge-Mutare Highway. I could not resist her beauty and proposed love to her. She never spurned my proposal.

“We exchanged numbers and the following day she came to my working place at Chipinge Country Club. We got intimate and the next day she invited me to her place.

“We got intimate again. Unfortunately the c0nd0m ripped and we continued with the act. Afterwards, I felt excruciating pain on my private parts. I went home but the erection has not gone away,” he said.

Sithole said he paid US$2 for Ms Dhliwayo to sleep with him.

Despite all this, Sithole’s wife is fighting in her husband’s corner.

“I want to thank my wife for being there for me during these trying times. We have sold everything, including our livestock and other valuable assets, to solve my problem. We are now left with nothing, but my wife has not deserted me.

“She is working in other people’s fields to raise money for my treatment. I admit that I wronged her, but she has forgiven me. Whenever I cry, she also cries,” said Sithole.

“I am suffering because I failed to resist the devil’s agent of destruction. I have been faithful to my wife for all these years, but I do not know what got into me to fall for this other woman.

“I frequent different drinking outlets, but I never fell for the women of the night. I am the architect of my own predicament in broad daylight, and I regret ever setting my eyes on that woman. I have suffered a lot and I am fast losing hope. I have taken up the matter with Village Head Mwandeka’s court and we now await its hearing,” he said.

When contacted for comment on Wednesday, Dhliwayo initially denied knowing Sithole, but later opened up and admitted that she got intimate with him twice.

“Okay, I know the person you are talking about. We slept together twice, and I charged him for the services. He confronted me recently over what he is going through, but my hands are clean.

“We consulted a traditional healer together with his relatives and wife and it was revealed that he is the one who is ‘fixed’, not me.

“I am married, but my husband is neglecting me and our child. He has another wife and rarely visits us.

“My husband is definitely not behind this because I have other boyfriends besides Robert. I am a ƨǝx worker because I want to put food on the table for me and my child,” said Dhliwayo.

She said she is prepared to consult other traditional healers to prove her innocence.

“Robert should come out clean and not tarnish my image. I might end up losing my clients because of his unfounded allegations. Why is he the only one affected? None of my clients have ever complained of having a permanent erection after being intimate with me.

“If I tell my husband about the allegations being made by Robert, all hell will broke loose,” said Dhliwayo.

She, however, vehemently refused to disclose her husband’s name.

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