Meet Bishop Samuronda who claims to cure mental illness and deliver criminals to police’s doorstep


A man who goes by the name of Bishop Samuronda, associated with St Angels Apostolic Church, has gained attention for his claims of being able to heal individuals with mental challenges and assist the police in apprehending thieves.

Bishop Samuronda asserts that he performs these miraculous healings under the guidance of God. His alleged method involves inflicting a rash-like ailment upon thieves, which supposedly leads them to suffer and ultimately confess to their crimes. He maintains that he has successfully aided in the recovery of stolen property and has handed over numerous suspects to the Dzivaresekwa police station.

While Bishop Samuronda emphasizes his collaboration with law enforcement, he also mentions his dedication to helping those struggling with mental instability. He claims to have assisted numerous individuals in their recovery, citing a recent case involving a person named Mamvura, who supposedly experienced a significant improvement in their condition after seeking his help.

“I am being led by God to perform such miracles.

“I help to restore stolen property and if you go to Dzivaresekwa police station, they will tell you how many suspects I have handed over to them.

“I enjoy dealing with cases which have been reported to the police and there are so many cases there.

“I have so many records where I hand over suspects to them.

“If someone reports their case, they should also come to us with a case number and I use it to bring the suspect.

“I also help people who are mentally unstable.

“I have helped many people with mental challenges and the latest one is Mamvura.

“He has recovered, he is no longer eating rubbish or from the bins,” Samuronda told HMetro.

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