Angels will watch over you: Former garden boy shares his rare secret to escaping poverty


Apostle K delivered a powerful message of hope to youth in Harare, Zimbabwe over the weekend. Hundreds packed the Saved With Amazing Grace and Glory (SWAGG) church on Saturday to hear the South Africa-based pastor speak.

From the start of his sermon, Apostle K urged the youth in attendance to believe in themselves. “God so loved the world and gave his Son that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life,” he said. You will shine like a diamond among other youths and you will prosper during your youth.”

He encouraged the young people to avoid substance abuse and instead nurture positive attitudes. “Let us all, as youths, avoid abusing drugs and substances for us not to perish, but have everlasting life,” Apostle K advised. “Christ Jesus is the real bread, real food that if we continue to feed on his word, we will never lack anything during our time.”

Growing up in difficult circumstances himself, the pastor related to the struggles many face. He once worked as a gardener abroad but was determined to make something of his life. Apostle K’s journey clearly inspired the youth gazing up at him from the pews.

Apostle K also promised heavenly blessings for those devoted to God. “Time has come for the young generation to move away from night clubs and drug abuse to a better place where angels look after them.

“Have the hunger and zeal for God, with that you will see the goodness of being in the house of God.

“You will notice the difference, you will put on nice clothes, eat the best food, wear expensive perfumes and look good.”

Apostle K had the youth dreaming of bright future. “Be the CEOs of companies, bless other people from the sweat of your labour, be innovative, creative, own companies, shine like stars during your youth in order to attract heavenly intervention.”

It was clear this message struck a chord in the packed house of worship. Apostle K’s uplifting words may just help steer some youth onto healthier paths in the years to come.

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