Drama as car thief cries in court, admits stealing cars for joyrides with multiple girlfriends


A 22-year-old man appearing before Bulawayo regional magistrate on four counts of theft, brought court proceedings to a standstill when he wept and confessed to stealing cars for joyrides with his “string” of girlfriends.

Denzel Jinjikwa, the grown man crying, prompted the magistrate to order a one-hour recess to give him time to compose himself.

The car thief from Nketa suburb, appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sibonginkosi Mkandla, facing four counts of stealing motor vehicles.

Wailing like a banshee, Jinjikwa pleaded guilty and begged for forgiveness.

He admitted to stealing the cars in an attempt to impress his girlfriends and facilitate outings with them.

Jinjikwa, tears flowing like a river down his cheeks, claimed his sole intention in stealing the cars was for joyrides and he never meant to permanently deprive the owners of their vehicles.

During cross-examination, Jinjikwa’s sobs prompted the court to adjourn for nearly an hour.

Gone was the suave carjacker with the sweet tongue that convinced numerous women to get into the stolen cars for joyrides with him.

A frightened husk of a man who could not hold his act together, stood vibrating in terror in the dock.

Despite his display, the court found him guilty on all four counts of theft, sentencing him to four years in prison for each.

However, the magistrate suspended a year from each sentence, resulting in an effective sentence of 12 years behind bars.

Delivering the sentence, the magistrate acknowledged Jinjikwa’s status as a first-time offender, who co-operated by pleading guilty and saving the court’s time.

However, the magistrate emphasised the seriousness of the crime, highlighting Jinjikwa’s use of sophisticated methods to steal the vehicles.

The magistrate said theft of a motor vehicle was a serious crime ,therefore, Jinjikwa has to be jailed for him to reform and to send a strong message to like-minded people.

The court heard that on 18 January this year, Simaphi Magosvongwe (54), a pastor at Amazing Grace in Faith Pentecostal Church, left the church and drove to town in her Honda Fit car.

Parking her Honda Fit near Mutize Flea Market, Magosvongwe locked the doors and proceeded to shop inside the market.

Jinjikwa, using an unknown object, unlocked and stole it. Magosvongwe reported the theft to the police.

Detectives from the Vehicle Theft Squad (VTS) , launched a thorough and meticulous investigation, which led to the recovery of the car abandoned near Mpilo Central Hospital.

The court heard that on 1 February, Maxwell Pfachi (60) parked his Honda Fit near his workplace in town, locking the doors before heading to his office.

Jinjikwa approached Pfachi’s car and used an unknown object to open the doors.

He employed sophisticated methods to start the engine and drove away. Pfachi reported the theft to the police.

Detectives recovered the car abandoned near a car park in New Lobengula suburb.

On 2 February, Jinjikwa observed Gladys Dliwayo (60) parking her Honda Fit vehicle at the corner of Sixth Avenue and George Silundika Street.

After Dliwayo left, Jinjikwa used the same modus operandi to steal the car.

VTS Detectives conducted an investigation, leading to the arrest of Jinjikwa and the recovery of the car.

The court further heard that on 6 February, Minenhle Siziba (44), parked her Honda Fit car near a health facility on Josiah Tongogara Street, between 8th and 9th avenues. Siziba left her daughter in the car.

Jinjikwa, who was out of custody, approached the car and deceived the girl, claiming her mother had sent him to take her and some items into town using the car.

Believing him, the minor girl got out of the vehicle and Jinjikwa drove away in it. BMetro.

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