Actress Chipo The Trouble Causer’s arrest: Juicy details emerge


Socialite and actress, Chipo The Trouble Causer, has been arrested.

She is expected to appear in court today.

Her case was reported at Avondale Police Station under RRB 5884686.

Sources said:

“She should lead by example, why is she bullying others?

“This is wrong and bad

“Akakwereta hembe akatadza kubhadhara and she was told to return the dresses despite the fact anga akambodzipfeka.”

Added the sources:

“She then returned the dresses but she went on to bully the seller while she was in the company of her three friends.

“They then assaulted the complainant prompting a police report.

“But, she then even challenged the police, vaenda kuAvondale achibva atanga kuonererwa achibva avharirwa iye nemasahwira, so they are appearing in court tomorrow.”

Another source said:

“She took 16 dresses plus two for her friend yaaiti akatadza kubhadhara anobhadhara iye since anemari yake yehuku.

“Each dress raiita $10, then the friend akanopfeka one dress akaita rwendo rwake nedress one akaridzosa akasara neone haana kubhadhara.” HMetro.

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