Ghost cars come here at night & flash their lights: Strange chicken head & dead cats torment woman


WHAT is supposed to be a home for a Bloomingdale woman has turned into her worst nightmare with a number of chilling supernatural events, including ghost cars which are driven into the premises, happening every day.

Now and again, her money just disappears, she wakes up to find that some of her food has been taken, windows would have been destroyed and the walls would have been scratched.

Her blankets have been torn countless times, her carpets have been torn too and, at night, a number of ghost cars come and flash their lights and drive off the premises.

Nyarai Chadoko doesn’t know what is really happening at her house but acknowledges that there is some powerful supernatural activity at play.

At one point, she approached the late sangoma, Sekuru Ndunge, but he died before he could cleanse the HOUSE OF HORROR.

Chadoko (60) was born in a family of eight and half of her siblings have died.

Her husband is also late.

“The problem started around 2013 after I came back from kumusha. I finished building my house in 2011 and came back around 2013.

“It started through vana because vaingonetsa kuchikoro.

“Takazoona kuti takachererwa zvinhu pamba because, tobirwa hembe, there are some (ghost) cars which come here.

“They flash at the house and leave. The whole house has some markings, in different areas. The windows are broken.

“Every morning, we see oil-like fluids on the walls.”

She added:

“Masofa anochekwa, unongoona mangwana makuseni zvachekwa, maradio anongodonha, mawalls anongoparwa.

“Tobirwa mahandbag kana hembe, dzinongodisappear, unochekerwa zvinhu uchifamba.

“Kudhara, I used to see musoro wehuku uchifamba panze, I would see dead cats by the entrance, ndaiona sadza remhunga.

“Blankets have cuts everywhere, the beds have four markings and a big cut pamusoro.

“Unogona kuisa mari mupurse but unozongoona musisina.

“Ndotombonetsana nemahwindi kuti ndanga nditori nemari.”

So, why doesn’t she sell the house?

“Ndakambozvifunga, but unozongoti ukatengesa mari yacho inobva yangoti wara wara.

“I used to work and I got some money to build my house, handina zvinhu zvandakaita kuti ndiwane mari zvekuti zvingandidzokera.

“We found some small stones placed underground, nekambiya tikazvipisa.”

In desperation, she contacted Sekuru Ndunge.

“Ndunge told me that some close people are the ones who are doing these things.

“He told me to bring our first child but we didn’t go back since he got sick and died.

“The doors are just falling, I even called a carpenter but all the doors are still falling.

“I have since disconnected power since there were some men who were coming here acting as if they are from ZESA.

“Each time they would come, I would see a red cloth on the switchboard, so I had to seek disconnection.”

She uses a cooking stick and salt to try and chase the evil spirits.

“Mugoti tinoisa pamadoor kuti pamwe tingarotewo hope dziri nani. The blankets are cut pakati, unongomuka makuseni mablankets ane maburi.

“I have one child who is married and I have since banned my children from coming here since these things can end up affecting them.

“No one supports me as a neighbour, they seem to have a one-sided verse, so I no longer talk to anyone.”

A neighbour, who refused to be named, said:

“People here mind their own business but what I only know is that this lady stays alone and many people ask about that.

“About the strange things, I can’t comment because I know nothing.” HMetro.

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