Bad news for married teachers who were caught red-handed having lula lula


The two teachers, who were shamed when their adulter0us relationship was exposed when they were caught in bed last weekend, have been FIRED from their jobs at a city private school.

Thomas Chikanga, 51, and Nomathamsanqa Nyathi, 36, had been having this adulterous affair since February.

They were both teachers at Westridge Primary School, a private school in Belvedere, Harare.

They briefly reported for duty last Monday but left the school in a hurry without conducting any lessons.

The school authorities decided to fire the two teachers for damaging the profile of their institution.

H-Metro was also advised at the weekend that the two teachers were on very good monthly salaries of US$1 200 each.

“Their contracts with Westridge Primary School were terminated last week because their conduct was not in line with the expectations of people who are expected to be fathers and mothers of these kids and should always lead by example,” said a source.

“It’s clear that once this became public, when you guys published the story of what happened, their fate was a good as sealed and it was only the procedures which needed to be followed.

“How do they control the kids in anything when these kids also read about what these guys did and you also have to consider that we have parents who would have been concerned with their kids being associated with such teachers.

“There is a certain degree of responsibility which is expected from someone who is a teacher and when you are involved in such a scandal, and you are someone expected to guide little boys and girls, it becomes an impossible job and impossible position.”

H-Metro was told that Nyathi has since left the scene of crime, her matrimonial home in Budiriro, and is now staying with her relatives.

“She is considering going to South Africa because she feels her opportunities here are now limited,” said a source.

“She feels she could start a new life in South Africa.

“She is just 36 and feels she still has a bigger chunk of her life to live and she doesn’t want this scandal to destroy her.”

Nyathi’s husband is a soldier who is based at Battlefields near Kwekwe.

This gave the two an opportunity to have their affair with Nyathi unashamedly conducting this illicit show from her matrimonial bedroom.

She even introduced Chikanga to her children, who include her daughter aged 16, and told them that his visits were meant to help her in her job as a teacher.

Chikanga would end up sleeping at her house, in Budiriro, and leave for his Highfield home at around 4am.

This was meant to ensure he was not spotted by the children.

Last week, the two were caught in bed by Nyathi’s husband, Noel Matiza, 39, following a tip-off.

H-Metro rushed to the scene and Chikanga told us:

“She lied to me that she had separated with her husband and that is why I slept here several times.

“We fell in love at the school where we share subjects for one class and we fell for each other and I had planned to take her in as my second wife.

“We started dating sometime in February this year.

“I do not see it right to continue with the affair after learning that Nomathamsanqa is still with her husband.

“I cannot be used to settle her differences with her husband.

“Ukuwo kumba kwangu hameno ndikasanochekwa musoro namadam vangu nekuti vaudzwa.”

Nyathi told H-Metro that she was sex-starved since Matiza had not been coming back home from Kwekwe, where he works, for some time.

“There was nothing I could do since my husband had abandoned me for long,” she said.

“I ended up dating my workmate and was prepared to be his second wife.”

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