Drama as thief drinks 3 bottles of whisky and eats 2 cans of tinned beef after breaking into bar

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Nyanga burglar sentenced after breaking into local bar

In a startling turn of events, a Nyanga man found himself behind bars after a brazen break-in at a local sports bar. Dickson Simango, 28, was convicted and sentenced by the Nyanga Magistrates’ Court on charges of unlawful entry.

The incident occurred in the early hours of April 11th, 2024, when Simango forcibly gained access to the Nzungu Sports Bar in Nyamhuka 2, Nyanga. Using cunning tactics, he removed an asbestos sheet from the roof and a portion of the ceiling, allowing him to slip inside the establishment.

Once inside, Simango wasted no time in helping himself to an array of items, including tinned beef, cigarettes, lollipops, whisky, Pepsi, and other goods. In a shocking display, the burglar also indulged in a drinking binge, consuming three 750ml bottles of Two Keys whisky and devouring 2 tins of 250-gram tinned beef, totalling a value of US$43.50.

The total value of the stolen items amounted to a staggering US$266.80, though a portion of the goods, valued at US$183.50, were eventually recovered by the authorities.

Simango’s actions did not go unnoticed, and he now faces the consequences of his unlawful deeds. The court handed down a 12-month prison sentence, with 3 months suspended on the condition of good behaviour. Of the remaining 9 months, an additional month was suspended on the condition that Simango repays a sum of US$83.30, leaving him to serve an effective 8-month sentence.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the consequences that can befall those who choose to disregard the law. The community of Nyanga will undoubtedly be relieved to see justice served, and the local establishment can only hope that such a brazen break-in will not occur again in the near future.

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