Fracas as truck driver from hell rapes his daughters


THE no-show double-rape case truck driver rapist will hear his fate at the Pretoria North Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 13 June, where he is expected to appear for his bail application judgement.

The accused father faces charges of double rape of his biological daughters, including the statutory rape of his two 10-year-old daughters, and the 22-year-old. His case has made over 20 appearances in court since his detention on Saturday, April 27, after his wife orchestrated his arrest.

With his case’s endless postponements due to the no-show stunt, he was absent twice, the defence counsel twice, and recently it was the State Prosecutor who disappeared without a trace, causing further delay on Monday, June 10.

Previously, the case was heard in his absence on Thursday, June 6, because both the state and the defence were unable to locate him.

After some time, State Prosecutor Kgangalweni Mudavhi, who was previously absent, came to the rescue and informed the court that the prison’s admission is to blame and that the accused did not show up due to a misunderstanding.

Advocate Victor Shela was also part of the delays as he was arrested while representing the accused, and there was a point he couldn’t make it to court as a result of the arrest.

The mother of the 10-year-old daughter, who organised her husband’s arrest, has disclosed that counselling is going well for the family and that her daughter is considering becoming a motivational speaker to help future rape victims not allow threats to stop them from reporting the situation.

“She has already attended five sessions, and already I’m seeing a positive change. It’s too soon to determine the healing process; however, I can confirm that she is currently on the right path to her journey of finding healing and accepting the new person she is,” she said. Daily Sun.

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