Incarcerated businessman Mike Chimombe puts on fighting gloves, dashes to supreme court


The legal battle surrounding incarcerated businessman Mike Chimombe continues to escalate, with the latest development seeing his company, Millytake Enterprises (Private) Limited, lodging an appeal with the Supreme Court, challenging a recent High Court judgment that ordered the company’s eviction from its Eastlea offices. This development adds a new layer of complexity to an already high-profile case that has captured the attention of the nation.

The move comes as Chimombe and his business partner, Moses Mpofu, remain in remand prison, facing charges of fraud related to their alleged failure to deliver US$7 million worth of goats to the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development for the Presidential Goat Scheme.

The High Court eviction order, granted to the new owners of the property, the trustees for the 5 Morton Jaffray Road Trust, has been automatically suspended by the Supreme Court appeal, allowing Millytake to remain in occupation of its offices pending the outcome of the legal challenge.

This is not the first time Millytake has faced eviction attempts. The previous owners of the property, located just off Robert Mugabe Road in Eastlea South, had also sought to evict the company, but their efforts were unsuccessful.

“The new owner approached the High Court and obtained an eviction order against Milltytake,” explained Mr Mike Chipeta, Millytake’s lawyer. “However, Millytake then filed an appeal in the Supreme Court against the High Court judgment using other lawyers. So the matter is currently pending before the Supreme Court.”

The trustees for the 5 Morton Jeffrey Road Trust have, for now, refrained from engaging the Sheriff to execute the eviction order, acknowledging the ongoing Supreme Court appeal.

Millytake, registered in 2008, specialises in supplying commercial and industrial equipment. Its services include construction, property development, economic consulting, research, and consulting engineering. The company is owned by Chimombe and Rusero Mitchell.

The legal battle surrounding Millytake’s eviction adds another layer of complexity to the already intricate case against Chimombe and Mpofu. The State alleges that the duo forged documents to secure the tender for supplying goats under the Presidential Goat Scheme. The prosecution intends to call 13 witnesses to support its case.

Chimombe and Mpofu are currently fighting for bail pending trial. They are represented by Mr Arshiel Mugiya and Mr Tapson Dzvetero.

The case has drawn significant public attention, with many questioning the circumstances surrounding the goat scheme and the alleged fraud. The ongoing legal proceedings are being closely watched, with observers eager to see how the Supreme Court will rule on Millytake’s appeal and the ultimate outcome of the fraud case against Chimombe and Mpofu.

A Deeper Dive into the Goat Scheme

The Presidential Goat Scheme, launched in 2018, was intended to empower rural communities by providing them with goats to improve their livelihoods. The scheme aimed to distribute goats to vulnerable households, enabling them to generate income through milk and meat sales.

However, the scheme has been plagued by controversy, with allegations of corruption and mismanagement surfacing. The case against Chimombe and Mpofu highlights the potential for abuse within government initiatives and the need for stringent oversight to ensure transparency and accountability.

The Impact on Millytake

The eviction battle, coupled with the fraud charges against Chimombe, casts a shadow over Millytake’s future. The company’s ability to operate effectively is hampered by the legal uncertainties surrounding its ownership and the potential for further legal challenges.

The outcome of the Supreme Court appeal could significantly impact Millytake’s operations. If the appeal is successful, the company will be able to retain its offices and continue its business activities. However, a rejection of the appeal could force Millytake to relocate, potentially disrupting its operations and affecting its clients.

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