Welshman Ncube reveals how Nelson Chamisa’s blunder resulted in Tshabangu claiming to be CCC’s interim Secretary-General


The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), Zimbabwe’s biggest opposition party, has been plagued by internal turmoil and controversy since its inception, and now, acting president Professor Welshman Ncube has laid the blame squarely at the feet of former leader, Nelson Chamisa.

In a scathing interview with Skyz Metro FM on Tuesday evening, Ncube accused Chamisa’s “strategic ambiguity” approach to leadership of creating a climate of confusion and disarray within the party, ultimately leading to the controversial recall of elected representatives.

“Over and above that, as we headed for the August 2023 elections, there was already serious confusion within the party as to who held what position and who did not hold any position,” Ncube said, his voice carrying a hint of frustration.

“This other day we will wake up having Advocate Fadzai Mahere as the spokesperson and the next day it will be Mr Promise Mkhwananzi, all this under the animal, which they called ‘strategic ambiguity’. This is what caused all this confusion, which ended up giving birth to an interim secretary known as Tshabangu, people that we never elected to those positions as party members.”

Ncube’s comments come after a tumultuous period for the CCC, which saw a series of high-profile recalls of elected members of Parliament, a move widely attributed to internal power struggles and factionalism. The recalls, which were initiated by Senator Sengezo Tshabangu, who Ncube claims was never elected interim secretary general, further deepened the party’s crisis.

“They were saying this strategic ambiguity was to confuse Zanu-PF so that it doesn’t dribble past or cheat us but look now, it is that which has led to recalls yet we were told that it was meant to foolproof against any machinations from Zanu-PF yet yazingenela igijima iZanu-PF,” Ncube said, his voice laced with a sardonic tone.

Ncube’s criticism of Chamisa’s leadership style is not new. He has previously expressed concerns about the lack of clarity and transparency within the party, arguing that it created a breeding ground for instability and internal conflict.

“No one knew what was happening under strategic ambiguity,” Ncube said, emphasizing the disarray within the party. “Even those who claimed to be part of the plan, did not know what they were talking about.”

Chamisa’s departure from the CCC following his defeat in the presidential election further exacerbated the party’s problems. His absence left a leadership vacuum and fueled speculation about the future of the party.

“Mr Chamisa later dumped the opposition outfit following his defeat in the Presidential race amid accusations of leadership failure, which further plunged his party into a crisis,” Ncube said, highlighting the impact of Chamisa’s decision.

Ncube’s comments come at a crucial time for the CCC, which is currently undergoing a restructuring process in preparation for its elective congress. The party is hoping to address the structural weaknesses and internal divisions that have plagued it since its inception.

“After this critical exercise, we will then take the party back to the people for them to then elect their leaders of choice and hopefully those who will be elected won’t make the same fatal mistakes we did like allowing this strategic ambiguity animal, which devoured the party,” Ncube said, expressing his hope for a more stable future for the CCC.

Ncube’s criticism of Chamisa and his leadership style raises important questions about the future of the CCC. Will the party be able to overcome the internal divisions and rebuild its credibility? Or will the “strategic ambiguity” that Ncube so vehemently condemns continue to haunt the party, hindering its potential to become a viable alternative to the ruling Zanu-PF?

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