Senior Staffer forces 16 female teachers to line-up and inspect their private parts at Nkayi High School


In a disturbing incident, a senior staffer at Nkayi High School in Nkayi District, Matabeleland North province, has been accused of subjecting 16 female teachers to a dehumanizing ordeal, B-Metro has reported. The incident unfolded when the senior member allegedly flew into a rage after discovering a mess in one of the school’s toilets, purportedly containing menstrual blood.

Sources close to the matter reveal that the senior staffer, whose identity remains undisclosed, summoned the female teachers to the staffroom and demanded a confession from the alleged culprit. Quivering with fear, the teachers reportedly attempted to reason with the senior staff member, pointing out that pupils also utilize the same facilities. However, their pleas for understanding fell on deaf ears.

“We were called to the staff room towards break time. The senior staffer was furious and insulted us with unprintable words, accusing us of causing the mess in the female toilet. They did not take any reasoning from us and ordered us to strip naked so that an ancillary staff member who does cleaning at the school could check who was on her period,” one anonymous teacher disclosed.

The teachers, feeling violated and powerless, reluctantly complied with the orders. Stripped of their dignity, they lined up and exposed their private parts to the grounds lady for inspection. The distressing act of humiliation has left the affected teachers traumatized and questioning their safety and protection within the school premises.

The incident has cast a cloud of fear and uncertainty over the teaching staff, many of whom are married and nearing retirement. The violation they endured at the hands of a fellow colleague, who is believed to be in their 40s, has shaken their trust in the school’s administration. Adding insult to injury, a logbook has been introduced to track the teachers’ visits to the toilet, forcing them to use the learners’ facilities instead.

“We removed our panties in the presence of the school cleaner. Some of the teachers are married people who are close to retirement but were violated by someone who is in their 40s in terms of age. We were never given the results which confirms that this act (messing up the toilet) was probably done by a learner. Our dignity was taken because if you are married you only take off your panties for your partner, not to be inspected under those circumstances. We have been forced to use the learners’ toilets because imagine being recorded the time you enter the toilet and when you come out. This is witchcraft, the environment is no longer conducive for us to perform our duties,” the anonymous source added.

As news of this shocking incident spreads, concerned parties have called for immediate action to be taken against the senior staff member responsible. The affected teachers are urged to seek emotional support and counseling to help them cope with the trauma they have endured. In addition, legal professionals have advised the teachers to document the incident and follow the appropriate procedures in reporting the matter to education authorities.

While attempts to obtain an official comment from the school administration have proven unsuccessful, the gravity of the situation demands swift intervention. The District Schools Inspector has been called upon to address the matter urgently and ensure that justice is served. The reputation of the education system is at stake, and it is crucial that all steps are taken to restore faith in the institution and provide a safe and respectful environment for all teachers and students.

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