Man killed by loyal clients after he stabbed their talented Gokwe prostitute


A night of entertainment at the Puzza Dollar Night Club in Gokwe took a tragic turn on Saturday evening, leaving one man dead and another woman fighting for her life. The incident, which has sent a wave of shock and grief through the community, underscores the complexities of human interaction, the dangers of violence, and the often-blurred lines between entertainment and danger in the world of nightlife.

The incident began around midnight, when a heated argument erupted between an unidentified man and a popular local entertainer, Joyce Mafa, a 37-year-old resident of Nyaradza, Gokwe Town. Mafa, known for her captivating horizontal gymnastics performances and vibrant personality, was a familiar face at the Puzza Dollar, attracting a loyal following of patrons who appreciated her ‘talent’.

“Circumstances are that the deceased had a misunderstanding with Mafa and he stabbed her once on the chest,” stated Midlands Police Spokesperson Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko. “He disappeared from the scene while Mafa was rushed to hospital.”

The nature of the disagreement remains unclear, but it escalated quickly, culminating in the man stabbing Mafa once in the chest. The scene, once filled with music and laughter, was now gripped by fear and confusion.

The patrons, many of whom were Mafa’s loyal supporters, reacted swiftly, their anger and concern for the popular entertainer overriding any hesitation. They pursued the assailant as he fled the club, catching up with him approximately 400 metres away from the Puzza Dollar.

“Other patrons at the club followed him and caught him some 400m from the club where they severely assaulted him,” Inspector Mahoko explained. “They left him unconscious and he was rushed to Gokwe Hospital by passersby’s.”

The man, bleeding profusely from the mouth and with a deep stab wound on his back, succumbed to his injuries upon arrival at the hospital. Meanwhile, Mafa, battling for her life, remains in critical condition at the same medical facility.

The incident has left the community reeling, with many expressing shock and disbelief over the senseless violence that erupted in what should have been a night of adult entertainment for Mafa and her adultery customers.

The police investigation is ongoing, with officers working tirelessly to identify the deceased man and apprehend the individuals responsible for his assault. Inspector Mahoko appealed for the public’s assistance in identifying the suspects.

“We appeal for information that may assist in the identification of the suspects and the identification of the deceased,” he urged.

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