Powerful African anti-theft muti: Multiple thieves are getting stuck at crime scene after stealing… US$350 fine for stealing a pie


A chilling tale of theft, superstition, and a mysterious “powerful force” is unfolding in the Turf area of Mhondoro Ngezi, leaving residents both bewildered and terrified. The story centres around a shopping complex, said to be guarded by an unseen entity, where thieves find themselves trapped, unable to escape the clutches of the premises, until they undergo a bizarre cleansing ritual.

The latest victim of this eerie phenomenon is Simbarashe Chigume, a resident of the Vera area, who allegedly stole a smartphone from one of the shops. However, instead of making a clean getaway, Chigume found himself inexplicably drawn back to the complex, unable to leave. Hours later, he was found wandering around the premises, a captive of the unseen force that guards the complex, H-Metro

“He is not the first accused person here,” revealed a villager, recounting similar incidents. “There is another guy called Munyaradzi Samukange, who ended up doing exactly the same thing after stealing a pie from one of the shops. He was given the option to pay US$350 or he ‘would go insane’. Another security guard from Zvimba, who stole two doves, lost his senses and only regained them after his family had paid a cow.”

Chigume’s “cleansing ceremony” was a public spectacle, involving the ritualistic slaughter of a chicken, whose meat was then shared among those present. The complex owner, a man shrouded in an aura of mystery, explained the situation in a cryptic manner: “Chete iye anga asingazive nezvangu, pangu hapabiwe, ukaba hauna kwaunoenda unotenderera kusvika wabatwa kana ukaenda unopenga. Saka mupfanha uyu akaba phone pashop yeumwe mukomana mushure mekunge auya kuzogadzirisa kambudzi kake, ndakabva ndafonerwa ndikamuti usatye haana kwaachaenda.

He went on to boast about his supernatural powers, claiming to have over a hundred “njiva” (doves) at his disposal, some residing in his home, others at the complex, and even in the local stadium.

A witness, recounting the cleansing ritual, described the chilling scene: “After a thief is caught, he is taken for cleansing. After paying either money, a beast or goats one should use a chicken, depending on the gravity of the matter. So, the culprit holds the chicken by its head and cuts the neck using a knife as it gives its last kicks, the complex owner then uses a stick to beat the thief. The chicken is later prepared by the culprit and put on the braai and consumed by the old man’s friends.”

The complex owner’s claims of supernatural protection and the bizarre cleansing rituals have sparked a wave of fear and speculation throughout the community. Some villagers believe in the power of the “njiva” and the owner’s mystical abilities, while others dismiss it as a clever ploy to deter thieves and maintain order.

Regardless of the explanation, the events at the shopping complex have cast a dark shadow over the community. The stories of trapped thieves and the chilling cleansing rituals have become local folklore, a cautionary tale whispered in hushed tones.

The question remains: is there truly a “powerful force” guarding the complex, or is it simply a case of clever manipulation and superstition? The answer, for now, remains shrouded in mystery, adding to the intrigue and fear surrounding this seemingly ordinary shopping complex in Mhondoro Ngezi.

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