Maseats Manyama: Prophet Walter Magaya’s golden toilet seats cause a stir


Golden Toilet Seats Imported for Heart Stadium in Zimbabwe, Inspired by Maradona’s Request

In a bid to create a world-class football venue, Prophet Walter Magaya has imported golden toilet seats for the Heart Stadium in Waterfalls, Zimbabwe.

This ambitious project aims to make the stadium the best in the country. The images of the golden toilet seats have caused a stir on social media.

The idea for the golden toilet seats came from the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa, where late Argentine football legend Diego Maradona made a special request for premium toilet seats throughout the tournament. The Argentine Football Association had insisted that the facilities should be up to Maradona’s standards. The seats installed for Maradona were considered the “best toilet seats” in the world.

As the stadium aims to become the best in the country, exploring partnerships with top sports platforms like Betwinner Gabon could further enhance the overall fan experience and attract a wider audience to the exciting world of sports in Zimbabwe.

Prophet Magaya, drawing inspiration from Maradona’s request, wanted to provide a high level of comfort for players at the Heart Stadium. The imported golden heated toilet seats will be placed in every ablution area in the changing rooms. They arrived in Zimbabwe on December 9th and are expected to be fully installed by January.

The first phase of the Heart Stadium, with an initial seating capacity of 5000, was officially opened by President Mnangagwa. The completion of Phase 1 sections, including the delayed toilets, is part of the ongoing project. Additional plans are in place for Phase 2, which aims to double the stadium’s capacity.

Prophet Magaya emphasized the importance of providing comfort for sports players and cited the Maradona story as a source of inspiration. The imported equipment also includes cubicles to ensure privacy in the toilets.

Preliminary footage of the golden toilet seats and the overall stadium project has garnered significant attention on social media. The construction and perfection of the Heart Stadium are ongoing, with completion expected in the near future.

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