Chicken thief forced to eat raw meat as residents take the law into their own hands (SEE PIC)

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In a dramatic incident that unfolded in Bulawayo’s Pumula suburb, a man’s love for chicken turned into a nightmare when a vigilant neighbourhood group caught him red-handed stealing a bird. Seeking to teach him a harsh lesson, the group forced him to consume raw meat from the stolen chicken, leaving him humiliated and disgusted.

The unidentified chicken thief, in a desperate attempt to escape the mob’s wrath, hastily tore into the bird, feathers flying in the chaos as he tried to fend off the group’s heavy blows. Blaming his actions on the so-called “January disease,” a term used to describe financial struggles after the festive season, he hoped for leniency. However, the vigilantes showed no mercy.

Thief eating raw chicken

Pictures capturing the man biting into the raw chicken, feathers intact, quickly circulated on social media, drawing attention to the shocking ordeal. Witnesses reported that the young thief was apprehended while attempting to flee, clutching the stolen broiler chicken.

As the vigilante group meted out their brand of instant justice, the culprit, fearing further punishment, was compelled to consume the live chicken. In a display witnessed by onlookers and recorded on cellphone cameras, he reluctantly devoured the uncooked meat, blood dripping from his lips. Each bite seemed to evoke horror and disgust, occasionally accompanied by coughing up feathers.

Residents, reflecting on the incident, expressed their perspectives. One resident noted the thief’s pained expression as he struggled to consume the unpalatable meal, suggesting that he may never eat chicken or white meat again. Another resident, wishing to remain anonymous, emphasized that the incident aimed to send a message and deter others from engaging in similar acts.

While acknowledging the economic challenges of January, another resident emphasized that theft could never be justified. After subjecting the thief to a beating and public humiliation, the mob eventually released him, allowing him to reflect on his actions.

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