US$350 – US$400: Sweet news for civil servants in ED Mnangagwa’s Zimbabwe


Civil servants in Zimbabwe are looking forward to a salary increment that the government says it will propose “imminently”. The pay rise is likely to be tabled at this week’s meeting between government and worker representatives.

Labour Minister Professor Paul Mavima said the new remuneration package will include an increase in both the forex and local currency components to cushion workers from rising living costs. He said Treasury is working on the figures and considering options to raise the USD amount as well as a salary hike in local currency.

While the minister did not disclose the actual numbers, officials said the proposed increase would result in the lowest paid worker earning between US$350 and US$400. This includes a forex component rise of US$100 to US$150 and a lump sum in local currency.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Union spokesperson David Dzatsunga said they are demanding a minimum of US$840 for the lowest paid worker and hope the government will increase the USD salary component closer to that demand.

The Zimbabwean government has been regularly reviewing civil servants’ pay to cushion them from price increases and improve their welfare. Confederation chairperson Cecilia Alexander said on the local currency increment, they are expecting an offer with a mechanism to adjust for inflation.

She noted that each time they negotiate salaries, there are measures that erode the value, complicating the situation. However, the government has been trying its best to improve workers’ conditions through incremental pay reviews and allowances.

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